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Beautiful woman who welcomed baby by watching YouTube shares the interesting story (Photos)


A Virginia woman has gone viral as she made the international news headlines after she gave birth all by herself in an Istanbul hotel room by watching YouTube and using shoelaces and knives.

The woman is now said to be an internet sensation.

Tia Freeman had no idea she was pregnant until the last trimester. The type of birth control she takes made it so she didn’t have a cycle so that wasn’t an indicator for her. When she eventually found out she was pregnant, she had already planned a trip abroad and booked her ticket so she refused to let that go to waste.

However, while traveling to Istanbul, Turkey, she started cramping but had no idea it was labor. When she landed, she managed to make it to her hotel room and at this point, it became obvious she was in labour.

She watched on Youtube how to give birth and following the directions, she gave birth in her hotel bathroom, then used her shoelace to tie the umbilical cord before cutting it with a knife she carries around.

The following day, the press got wind of her unusual birthing procedure and they bombarded her with cameras and questions. People who heard her story clamored to take photos with her and her baby in Turkey and also to hear her story. She made news headlines in Turkey as a result. And when she returned to America, the media also rushed her to get her photo and story.

She has now taken to Twitter to share details of the birth of her son. He has been named Xavier Ata Freeman, though she refers to him as “my little surprise bundle of international joy”. His middle name is Turkey, a tribute to the country where he was born on March 7, 2018.

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Man dies after police torture for celebrating birthday without permission

A young man identified as Glory Imarogie has reportedly died after he was arrested and allegedly tortured by policemen who arrested him on the orders of his landlord, who is a serving police officer, SP Austin Ehiziegbe.

It was gathered that the now embattled landlord had called in his colleague after he got infuriated by the action of his tenant who celebrated one of his grand daughter’s birthday without his permission.

According to The Nation, the incident was said to have taken place at Evbuomama community in Ikpoba-Okha local government area.

A fracas was said to have ensued between the landlord and his tenant when the deceased and his brothers resisted attempts to stop the birthday party.

SP Austin was said to have invited policemen from the the anti-cult unit and told his colleagues that cultists had invaded his residence to celebrate a birthday party.

Father of the deceased,...

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