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See transformation photo of a man who had surgery to correct a huge facial tumor

A man is perhaps the happiest man in the world presently after undergoing a surgery to correct a huge tumor on his face. It was gathered that the growth started as a minor flesh wound after a motorcycle accident 15 years ago, which later developed into a keloid tumor that took over Leon’s life.

The man is reportedly still recuperating from the successful surgery as he’s been given a reason to smile again.

See transformation photo below…

‘Lazy Nigerian Youths’ now has a Wikipedia page (Photos)

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‘Lazy Nigerian Youths’ now has a Wikipedia page (Photos)

One week ago, President Muhammadu Buhari spoke at a forum during the Commonwealth summit, saying many Nigerian youths sit down and do nothing, yet expect to get everything free because their country is an oil producing nation. The hashtag "Lazy Nigerian youth" that trended on the media following the speech now has a Wikipedia page.

This incurred the wrath of the youths who took to social media to say they are not lazy but are actively involved in making a living for themselves. Some celebrities have also come out to refute the claim of the president. The president obviously did not anticipate the backlash.

TheCable had...

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“I hope cancer has cancer and cancer dies” – Cancer awareness advocate, Aisha Kollere, dies of cancer

Aisha Kollere, a Nigerian cancer awareness advocate, has died of cancer. She was diagnosed of Leukemia in 2016, and died April 21st, however, she had documented her experience on her Instagram page @AishaKollerecancerpage over the years.



Her words:

“I hope cancer has cancer and cancer dies” resonated with thousands when she was alive.

On Instagram, she spoke about going through series of surgery and living in a hospital for years.

In February this year, she posted what has become her last post about going through chemotherapy last Christmas.


This man committed suicide after dad refused to buy him a car (photos)

Wonders they say shall never end! An Ugandan man named Kawa, has reportedly committed suicide by hanging because his father refused to buy him a car.

According to reports and graphic pictures shared on Facebook, Kawa was the son of Mugenyi from Kagando in Kisinga Town Council, Uganda.

After his father refused to buy him a car, Kawa tried killing himself three good times by taking rat poison. He failed each time.

He eventually succeeded with his suicide by hanging last night.

See photos below...

It was also recently reported that a 30-year-old Nigerian man, Onoseta Oribhabor, killed himself after murdering his 27-year-old girlfriend, Essozinam “Martine” Assali, in Toronto, Canada.

It was gathered that the...

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