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Nigerian model with N40 million hair, Chika Lann, gets MOPOL protection after scary threats

Nigerian model with N40 million hair, Chika Lann

Remember Chika Lann, the Nigerian lady who came out to disclose that her hairdo was what N40 million?  She has now alleged that she is receiving scary threats and had to get a MOPOL for protection.

While it is clear that for some people, nothing is too much to spend on the things they love, it could be love for gadgets, food, physical appearance etc, however, to make hair worth that outrageous amount is indeed weird.

The tall and slim lady who models for a living, Chika Lann, left people gobsmacked after she revealed that her hairdo is worth a whooping N40m. This she claimed in a recent interview with Pulse and further stated that she loves to stand out in whatever she does.

According to Chika Lann, everybody else has basically the same style and that’s the reason she loves to be unique.

She stated that she doesn’t mind going through any stress or inconveniences to stand out.

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