Showbiz promoter, Edi Lawani and wife celebrate 21 years wedding anniversary

Edi Lawani and wife celebrate 21 years

Showbiz promoter, Edi Lawani is celebrating his 21st wedding anniversary with his wife Tonia.

Bearded Edi Lawani took to his IG page hours ago celebrate and shared a throwback picture of the both of them with the caption:

”On this day, 21 years ago, I married my best friend, confidant and ‘partner-in-mischief, Tonia. I had known the ginger-haired girl forever but we were not friends. Her friends were my friends. Then many years after, we became friends, more than I was friendly with her friends who were my original friends. Then … (this part will wait for the 25th anniversary story). I thank God for journey so far. I thank our well wishers too”.

Showbiz promoter, Edi Lawani and wife celebrate 21 years wedding anniversary

Edi Lawani is known to be one of the big names in the entertainment industry. He is a writer, producer,  communicator and top events manager. He is the head consultant at Showbiz Network Services Ltd/ Paragonis Multimedia Productions and the brain behind the successful 2017 Headies Awards.

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In an interview, Edi once spoke of how he puts in the same amount of passion into organizing all his events irrespective of how important they are.

“Yes, I like to be on top of the game as a producer. As a producer you have an idea of what you have set out to achieve and every minute, every second counts for that mission to manifest and for me, a birthday party for a 10-year-old is just as significant as a national TV show and live broadcast. It is the same emotion, the same passion, the same adrenalin, the same anxiety and the same sentiments because nothing scares me as much as failure, so I can’t take any chances”, he said.

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