Cee-C is Nigeria’s most bitter woman according to Google search engine

Former BBNaija housemate, Cee-C, emerges as Nigeria’s most bitter woman in google search engine when the phrase is typed in. The reality tv star who was known for her quarrels and rants in the house emerged second to Miracle who came first and went home with the prize money.

Actress Susan Peters noted that Cee-C was disgrace for not winning anything even though she got to the final.

”This life NEVER look down on anyone because people’s grace differ. 
Ceec won nothing even the head of house didn’t last. She won nothing. Getting to the finals as the last woman standing without anything is nothing! She was disgrace. Well she won Adesua’s earrings so that’s something 

People she said are not her level went home making their parents proud. 
If you like take your bad character anywhere thinking the universe will clap for you. No one is perfect but every adult is responsible for their actions”. 

Many say her bad character prevented her from winning the prize money as her support based dwindled towards the end of the show. Support for her was however strong at the beginning due to her beauty and especially due to a brief romance she had with fellow housemate, Tobi.

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However, all of that changed when a viral video showed her verbally insulting Tobi, a guy she once shared a kiss with. This made many people see her as a rude and bitter person. That is why her name pops up when the phrase Nigeria’s most bitter woman is typed in Google search engine.

Cee-C is Nigeria's most bitter woman according to Google search engine

Cee-C is Nigeria's most bitter woman according to Google search engine

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  1. Kemi! You Are a disgrace. How is this news. Seriously this is disgraceful. I’m not a fan of the show but seriously why. This is pure madness. If this girl hurt herself then It will be a different story. You don’t know the story behind her actions, all this cyber bullying name calling should stop. Most of you hiding typing rubbish are far more worst. She is just a lady who is broken and no one is been able to see through her. She is pained, she as some inner demon she is fighting it could be due to abuse as a child, the lost of her Mum, did she Grieved her mum’s death properly or was she bullied growing up? This are few questions, and you judging her base on 11weeks show. We are all different individuals. Even twins will handle issues differently. Please enough.

  2. Hello kemi ,is not fair oo,if it is your child they had crowned Nigeria bitter woman,would u be happy. Let alone u posting it on ur blog…just because she is heart broken,sad and spoke out,that is how u ppl will just be writing and posting nonsense..i stand i support cee c because she is a strong woman and i like her….

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