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CDQ narrates how Customs Officers dragged him to an ATM to extort money from him

Nigerian rapper, CDQ has revealed how he was almost killed by Customs Officers who drove him to an ATM machine and extorted money from him and his manager on their way to a show in Ibadan.

His words below.

What baffles me the most is that they asked me stop right on d express in the middle of the night with guns in mufti and a trailer coming behind hit my car yet as I was trying to escape d trailer to avoid more damages the customs started shooting and my car front tyre got busted ? I mean it was horrible… something terrible could have happened… I’ve never seen people been so inhuman in my life ? after messing my car up they still followed us close to the show venue in Ibadan and asked my manager to come down from d vehicle to withdraw money for them at d atm machine after collecting all the cash with him initially… Their vehicle number was CS207 at Ibadan toll-gate


Just last month, CDQ was in the news when one of the BBNaija housemate, Ifu Ennada accused him of using and dumping her.

It all started when Ifu was seen in a viral video telling other housemates that she once dated the rapper. She said she use to give him money meant for her schooling and even ensured he had VIP tickets to events.

The accusation from the reality star made CDQ react in such a way that made many see his response offensive to females. Angered by what he called a false accusation, CDQ reacted by stating that he never dated the reality tv star and that she was just a one night stand amidst unprintable names he called her.

Sensing that his statement was misogynistic and unappealing for a public figure, the rapper has decided to apologize, though not to Ifu Enada but to the general public who perhaps felt offended by his choice of words.

Read his apology below.

 ”Toall the beautiful ladies out there I understand how hurtful my clap-back to Ifu Enanda of Big brother Naija was. 

I was just shocked by the fabricated stories she was telling the world while she was on the Big Brother Show.
Mam, God knows we only met once. You did not even know my house neither do I know yours or any of ur family. 
So I don’t understand where your drama is coming from. 
You don’t take advantage of an artiste with any opportunity u have by fabricating lies because you want to get the world’s attention or pity… We human too and we got feelings. 
My reply was to let u understand “You don’t play around fire expecting not to sweat” #Tunechi ? So biko Ifu-Enada Mabinu mami SayMama ?? Love reigns ? Woss ✌”

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If you are not earning up to 150K as a lady, don’t think of marriage -Joro Olumofin


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If you are not earning up to 150K as a lady, don’t think of marriage – Joro Olumofin

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Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin has given an advice to ladies who are currently thinking about getting married. In an Instagram post, he advised such ladies to jettison the idea of getting married if they are not earning up to N150,000 monthly. According to him, this will prevent them from placing all their burden on the man they will get married to.

Read his post below.

''If you’re a single lady and you’re not earning at least N150,000 a month you shouldn’t be thinking about marriage yet. This is for your own security & sanity in marriage. Based on hundreds of mails I receive daily from posters. I’ve noticed a trend in behavior : Commitment before finances. Most ladies go into marriage with the hopes that the man will take care of everything . Some even...


How Mango, Banana, Plantain cause terminal illnesses

Artificial ripening of fruits with calcium carbide has continued in the country exposing consumers to high risk of developing cancer, kidney and heart diseases, Daily Trust reports.

Farmers and fruit dealers are in a hurry to meet the huge national demand for fruits especially mango, banana, plantain and oranges and as result they freely resort to the use of calcium carbide.

Calcium carbide is used in metal cutting and welding as such the consumption of fruits artificially ripened using this chemical compound can cause serious health problems.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) warned Nigerians recently to shun consumption of fruits ripened with calcium carbide.

However, our investigations across the country have revealed substantial application of the chemical to force-ripen fruits by farmers and fruit sellers.

Zuba International Fruit Market located along Abuja-Kaduna Expressway, and Mararaba - a densely populated suburb of Abuja under Nasarawa...

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Popular Nigerian comic actor, Abiodun Aremu aka Baba Sabiko, is dead

Nollywood actor and multi-talented broadcaster Baba Sabiko, real name Abiodun Aremu, has died.

The big boss of Baba Sabiko Theatre and Comedy Group Int’l, based in Ibadan, Oyo State died on Friday April 6th and reports say his death has been announced on radio stations in Ibadan.

OAP Ademola Aremu also confirmed the news and wrote on his Facebook page:

I couldn’t believe it until I was at the hospital where he passed away and saw his corpse. I saw him and his wife last Friday and as usual cracked some jokes together.

Abiodun Aremu, Baba Sabiko, my Surname sake; one of the best comedians in the entertainment industry. He normally called me Uncle Demoo (though far far older than me), and I would reply Ba Sab. Painful but it is well.

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