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Bridal shower games for Nigerian Ladies

Nigerian brides in recent times have embraced th idea of a bridal shower and so we thought to give KFB brides-to-be some tips on some bridal shower games, if you would oblige us.

A bridal shower is a party or get together of the bridal train,and close female friends of the bride where the bride recounts on her last moments as a single lady. This of course is rated eighteen and it entails enjoying different games,food, drinks, and even an exchange of gifts from the girls to the bride.

More often than not, the ladies play dress up in a well decorated arena or room where the bridal shower takes place.

A bridal shower may or may not be organised by the bride-to-be as sometimes her friends could pull this off for her. The major motif behind this party is having a fun filled ladies time.

Below are some of the games that could be enjoyed to derive maximum fun for the bridal shower otherwise known as hens night;

How well do you know your partner?
Ask the groom some questions and get the answers from him,prior to the party then during the shower, ask the bride the same questions. If her answers correspond with his, then you know how well she knows her spouse. You can make this game funnier by asking the bride to put gum or candy in her mouth after every wrong answer

Two truths and a lie Here, some personal details would be required as everyone at the shower has to tell two truths and a lie about themselves. After this, the others will then state, which one of the three was a lie.

Gift Bingo In this case, the bride opens her gifts,while the guests would have to guess the person who gave the gift just by looking at it.A right guess equals a win

Wrong word This game is about the concentration on your dialogue. The maid of honour has to give a secret word to each guest and the bride. As well, the maid of honour has to give everyone some kind of pins. If someone says the secret word, the person, who hears it, can take the pin of this player. The player with the biggest amount of pins becomes the winner. You can also place a prize on this game.

Ribbons talks This game is also interesting, and you can variate the rules. All you need is a ribbon ball and scissors. Ask each guest to cut themselves a piece of ribbon. Don’t tell them how much they have to cut, and make sure, that they cut enough. After this, ask them to tell funny stories about themselves, until the cut piece is fully wrapped around their little finger. Also, you can ask the guests to say pledges to the bride until the piece of ribbon is fully wrapped

Wedding scramble
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Fancy dress What can be more luxurious than toilet paper? You don’t have to ask and while the bride will stay aside, gather the guests into several groups and let them choose, who would be their fake bride. After that, each group has to try to do their best and make the most wonderful dress, using only toilet paper. The actual bride would be a single judge to decide, which of the groups was better.

Hopefully we have been able to spice up your upcoming bridal shower and made it more exciting than you have planned.

Rhema Olonade

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