Bank staff gets called out in Lagos for sexual misconduct

A bank staff yet to be identified, has been called out for a sexual misconduct at the work place, in a very embarrassing way.

The bank staff who has trodden on dangerous grounds got more than was bargained for, had a paper pasted on his/her car, with the inscription;’ must have sex with all the bank customers’. For currently unknown reasons, someone deemed it fit to humiliate the bank staff and well, the person succeeded.

A bank customer who had entered the banking hall to conclude a transaction, came out to find the placard on the car and took a photo of it.

While many are of the opinion that the staff actually deserved it, others feel it happened as a result of the negligence on the part of the security officials of the bank.

In this case, do you think the accused is more sinned or he deserves this as an appropriate punishment for his offence


Rhema Olonade

Rhema Olonade is a graduate of mass communication. She is passionate about news writing and broadcasting. Hobbies are watching movies, and public speaking.Email: [email protected]

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