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‘As long as you live, you can achieve’ – Gas explosion survivor shares amazing story

Jayi, a Nigerian brand strategist has recounted how once survived a gas explosion that led to a massive fire outbreak in Malaysia. According to him, he had just slept 45 minutes earlier when the gas explosion took place.

Here is what he wrote…

Flashback! The building I once lived in, in Malaysia gutted by fire in 2011.

I was on the 4th floor. Slept around 3am, fire started avout 45mins later. A gas explosion. The building was evacuated. Fire got put out by 7am completely. I woke up by 8am, took a bath, got dressed to go out, feeling happy that day for no particular reason.

Gas explosion survivor  story

I only noticed something was off when I came out front door of my apartment. The entire walk way covered in smoke, elevator not working, broken glass everywhere and a lot more smoke in the stairway.

As I struggled to get out, it hit me that I just survived a massive fire outbreak. Some police officers and fire men/women who had already barricaded the building thinking they got everyone out rushed to me in shock asking if I was ok.

Gas explosion survivor  story

Trying to get me in an ambulance. I insisted I was fine and just kept smiling even though I was still in shock. Looking at the building from the front, it was obvious I got saved by a higher being. This was not man’s doing but God. I even got a better place afterwards. For weeks I kept thinking what if they were unable to put out the fire.

I have been in car accidents, bike accidents and have come out with no bruises. Lost some really amazing people, almost drowned twice. I will always be grateful for the live I have. I believe there is a lot I need to get done. My work here is not yet done.

There are many out there like me that have gone through so much and continue to keep it together knowing that greater things lay ahead.

Never stop working towards your dreams. Never stop believing. As long as you live, you can achieve. #BeThankful

Gas explosion survivor  story
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