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What Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said about spiritual husband

Chris Oyakhilome spiritual husband

The belief of Nigerians towards “Spiritual Husband” is a negative one as most believe is a taboo/negative arrow from the spirit world targeted at the progress of an individual

Meanwhile, Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome is of a different opinion and has distorted the belief that some people have spiritual husbands or wives.

In a recent teaching, the general overseer of Believer’s Loveworld revealed that the idea of a spiritual spouse is completely false Pastor Chris shared that it is possible for people to encounter spiritual personalities and often times, could be demonic but the notion that they have unknowingly exchange marital vows with such is not possible.

He further went on to explain the difference between demonic possession and why every Christian should learn to cast out these demons

In his preaching, he said:
“Experiences with demonic personalities. The truth is there is no such thing as a spiritual husband or wife but demon spirits who oppress or manipulate individuals who are ignorant or who have grown up under demonic inferences.

So these demons continue to oppress them, lie to them and manipulate their minds. It’s not an illusion, it’s a real experience. But every christian, whoever finds himself in such situation must learn to cast out devils, you reject their authority over you because Jesus Christ is the lord of your life and these demons have no power over you.”

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So Cute: Alex Ekubo living large, poses with his customized convertible Chevrolet Camaro

Popular Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo has shared pictures of him relaxing with his latest acquired customized convertible Chevrolet Camaro on his Instagram page.

The fun loving actor had shared cute pictures of him flaunting his car, the car which he named Fancy has a customized plate 'Actor' on it.

Alex who is so obsessed with his new fancy ride had in several occasion posted pictures of his car as he wows about it.

He captioned in one:
"If you take care of your car, your car would take care of you."

And in another, he wrote:
"I miss my baby Fancy, (yes i call my car Fancy, cuz she’s soo fanciful"


Popular eatery, Babz Lounge gutted by fire (photos)

A popular eatery, Babz lounge which is located along Police Roundabout, in Jimeta, Adamawa state was this afternoon gutted by fire. According to sources, the fire was caused by fluctuation in the power supply which affected the change over panel of the outfit.

Cars parked around the vicinity were immediately evacuated to avoid further damage. See photos below.  babz lounge


A section of Binukonu Ultra Modern Market, in Ojota area of Lagos state has been gutted by fire in the early hours of Friday.

The Fire which is the third fire incident at the market in three years, with previous incidents in 2015 and November 2017 destroyed goods...

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BBNaija: Alex wishes she didn’t cry when Leo was evicted

The quite dramatic Big Brother Naija 2018 show was spiced up upon the pairing of strategic partners as it created certain relationships ranging from romantic, to platonic...within the house.

With the likes of Miracle and Nina, Bam bam and Teddy, the rocky relationship of Tobi and CeeC and Alex and Leo being the most talked about couples in the house, it was no surprise the way Alex handled Leo's eviction.

The moment his name was mentioned as the evicted housemate, she immediately became hysterical, breaking down in air-gasping tears.

Well, its been a few days since the eviction and it appears Alex has gotten back on feet, carrying on well without her close pal...

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