Reverend Idahosa is not happy with her 66.6 thousand instagram followers


The wife of the Bishop F.E. Idahosa, Laurie Idahosa is not happy with the number of followers she has on her Instagram page.
According to her instagram post, it seems she wants more by the end of the day.

The reverend found out that she just hit 66.6 thousand followers on Instagram today and asked her followers to help change the figure.

In her own words, she is refusing to be associated with the numbers “666” which the bible refers to as the “Mark of the Beast,” as Rev Idahosa implored her fans to change it for her.

Further explaining, she said:
I don’t believe that the devil has power or authority over a child of God. I do however want to avoid any association with him.”

In less than two hours her fans helped her achieve her course.

She was appreciative of their efforts, as she also “pointed out the strength in unity, proving once again that we can achieve anything when we work together”



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