Prominent Islamic cleric condemns the grand wedding of Fatima Ganduje and Idris Ajimobi

A prominent Islamic cleric based in Kaduna, Sheik Ahmed Gumi has criticized the wedding ceremony involving the son of Oyo state governor, Idris Ajimobi and Fatima Ganduje who is the daughter of Kano state governor.

According to Premiumtimes, Sheik Gumi said the wedding where the couple were seen holding hands and cuddling is a ”disgrace to Islam and parenting in northern Nigeria”. He criticised the Sharia police in Kano for allowing such a thing to happen but were so quick to punish Nollywood actress, Rahma Sadau who was shoooting a music video in which she had body contact with the singer, Classic.

”Look at what happened in Kano. That thing really upset me. The daughter of the governor cuddling in the presence of people. Yet it was the same state that sanctioned an actress for cuddling someone in a musical video. Now the daughter of the governor has done it which means it is now legal. Where is the so-called hisbah in the state? This is the kind of leaders we elect. I am calling on the people of Kano fear Allah. This is the height of immorality and to also remind you of what happened to Borno state. You should not provoke Allah.” he said.

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prominent islamic cleric

Sheik Ahmed Gumi joined a number of prominent people who have criticized the wedding right from when the first part took place on the 3rd of March with the conclusion taking place over the weekend. Among those who have criticized the wedding is former governor of Kano state, Rabiu Kwankwaso who labelled the couple as ‘zawarawa”, meaning non-virtous couple.

This he did while addressing his supporters in Kaduna.

“Only few people are happy with the marriage of a single zawarawa because they are just one. We heard the eastern, the western, the southern and the northern entry points to Kano are all shut for the marriage of a single ‘zawarawa’ couple.

“This shows a sharp departure from the Kwankwasiyya ideology in Kano State. Today, Kano was at a standstill because of this marriage.

“We also heard a lot of people from other places that are less busy have abandoned their duties to attend the wedding. I also heard this event involving a single couple has made lot of people doing their legitimate businesses remain indoors.

“All these show difference between honesty and dishonesty, between light and darkness, between mass wedding of a thousand couple and that of a single couple,” he said.

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