Reasons why you should support Pres. Buhari for rejecting Peace Corps bill

Peace Corps Bill not assented to by president.


The latest news in town now is president buhari denying his assent to the Peace Corps bill, it was greeted with mixed reaction from the general public.

But One thing I have noticed is that those who accepted that i was in the best interest of the country are more than the opposing side… Let me sight this few reasons why they aren’t in our interest..

Nigeria spend over 70% of its budget on recurrent expenditure leaving less than 30% for capital project, if we continue like this do you think if we continue like this we will have the Nigeria of our dreams?? Payment of salaries have always been a burden to the Fg adding another burden to it under the guise of employment is not right it will only be a bulwark to Nigeria’s development. Why can’t we utilize our meager resources to better things instead of creating another agency with no specific work.

2) Too many para military

Nigeria has more than 3 para military already all bearing arms, and doing there jobs effectively coupled with there problems. Approving the Peace Corps will just be another way for the corrupt Oga’s at the top of siphoning our money.

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3) overzealous and corruption we all know how our police, Army and other Armed Forces misuse power in the past and even presently, an NGO who is just starting it course is already hood winking gullible Nigerians,collecting money from volunteers.
What will be our faith. In the street you will see a Peace Corps volunteer asking you do you know me?? All those doesn’t make sense.. instead of another para-millitary why can’t we channel the resources to our police who is over stressed and better equip them with modern wares. By Khalidx

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