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Popular actress & Tv presenter,drinks her own urine Live On TV

In a rather shocking episode on an English TV program “Loose Women”, popular actress succeeded in making her guests disgusted as she drank her own urine on live TV.

English actress, Nadia Sawalha has shocked many viewers on the show as she made to demonstrate urine therapy which involves drinking your own urine and massaging one’s skin for cosmetic or medicinal reasons.

Though Nadia mentioned that she would only drink her urine if the Loose Women producer did it first, saying:

“We do get asked to do a lot of things by our producers and so I said I’d do it if Ashely does and he said he would…he never imagined I’d make him do it.”

Ashley then came on screen and drank his wee to the screams of the audience leaving Nadia a choice to keep to her words, and she followed suit.

Her fellow panelists were in awe at her disgusting move.On realizing the taste, Nadia scrunched up her face.

There was a little left in the jar and she jokingly told Denise to “put her finger in it”.
Andrea said; “Put a lid on it, you can’t ask someone to put their finger in your wee.”

Afterwards, they showed a clip of Nadia’s best pal Kaye Adams who also took on the challenge.
Standing out in the snow, Kaye showed the camera a shot glass of her wee before knocking it back

However, the panelists weren’t convinced it was wee and some said it looked like water.
Andrea said: “We’re going to have to ring her and see?”
Kaye later phoned in and promised it was real.

Gemma Collins was a guest on the show later on and said she wouldn’t be taking on the challenge.
She said:

“I think if it’s come out of you, why would you want to put it back in?”

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Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe shows off N1.8 gifts she got from her boyfriend

Mimi Orijekwe finds love after messy divorce.

Below are pictures showing expensive gifts Nollywood actress, Mimi Orijekwe received from her boyfriend whose name is withheld. They include an expensive bag, perfumes and other unboxed items. She revealed via social media that the items collectively cost a whooping $5000 equivalent of N1.8m.

mimi orijekwe

Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe

Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe

Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe

Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe


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Doctor performs brain surgery on wrong patient

In one of the worst cases of medical malpractice, a neurosurgeon has reportedly opened up the head of the wrong patient at Kenyatta National Hospital.

According to reports,
Two men had been wheeled into the hospetal unconscious last Sunday. One needed head surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain, while the other only required nursing and medication to heal a trauma swelling in his head, medically known as closed head injury.

However, there was a horrific mix-up of identification tags leading to the wrong man wheeled into theatre and his skull opened.

Unfortunately, Doctors did not realise the mistake until hours into the surgery when they discovered there was no blood clot in the brain of the man sprawled on the operating table.

A neurosurgeon has been suspended...


Mom excited about her baby born with 4 hands, 3 legs in Kaduna

A 24-year-old mother of 3 has given birth to a set of twins in Zaria, with one of them having four hands and three legs.

According to DailyTrust, Malama Hawwa’u Jamilu delivered the twins on Sunday, 25th February, 2018.

Strangely, Hawwa’u was not perturbed about the physique of her baby. She told Daily Trust that she regarded it as part of the might of Allah. “Both of them are female.

Of course, one would have loved to deliver the babies without any deformity. But since Allah in His infinite mercy had decided to create the twins like this, what can I do? This is why you see me relaxed, and I love them both.
The only peculiar behaviour exhibited by the deformed twin, is a big appetite. Apart from that. She is normal like any other baby. Have you forgotten that I carried...

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