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Nigerian lady confesses to falsely accusing a man of molesting her to teach him a lesson

The issue of rape is not a topic to be toyed with in any country how much more telling lies about it.

A young man has been allegedly accused of sexual molestation, only for the supposed victim to confess that it was a set up.

Considering the implication of a crime as big as rape, and the stigma that will go with the accused,one cannot fathom what was going on in this girl’s mind

A Twitter user, identified as @lafunki has narrated how her friend had convinced her that a guy raped her and later confessed to her sister that she lied, and only wanted to teach the guy a lesson.

According to her, she absolutely believed the quite convincing story and had gone ahead to castigate the man, just for her friend’s sister to call laughing and saying her sister was too petty that everything was a joke

Upon the turn of events, she has decided to drag her friend out on social media.

Her post read:

“Aiye ma le oo. A girl(an acquaintance) falsely accused a guy of rape a while ago….. I believed her and was shouting men are scum….. all for this bitch to tell her sister she lied, she wanted to teach him a lesson”

What do you think about this?


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