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Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe shows off N1.8 gifts she got from her boyfriend

Mimi Orijekwe finds love after messy divorce.

Below are pictures showing expensive gifts Nollywood actress, Mimi Orijekwe received from her boyfriend whose name is withheld. They include an expensive bag, perfumes and other unboxed items. She revealed via social media that the items collectively cost a whooping $5000 equivalent of N1.8m.

mimi orijekwe
Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe
Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe
Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe
Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe

This are all coming after she confirmed the end of her marriage to actor Charles Billion. Their marriage hit the rocks barely a year after they walked down the aisle on July 18th, 2015. This came as a result of a news which broke out that Charles Billion is expecting a baby boy with a US based woman.

Divorced actress, Mimi Orijekwe

  Reports gather that the name of the new lady in Charles’ life is also Mimi. She is addressed as Mimi Pius, sparking rumors of marriage to Charles.   Finding out about the new lady and baby, the actress was furious and asked that Charles’s family should come collect the bride price they paid for her hand in marriage. She wrote on social media:

”Who ever knows Mr charles or his people .. send this msg … Oga pls organize your people and come take your bride price .. we re done .. yes DONE … this is the 3rd time you people are standing my uncles up..

with due respect come take this penny outta my life ..or you won’t like the next step … . Am calling you out here cos your full of deceit and lies”. Before they got married, a police officer had informed her that a woman was pregnant for Charles. She confronted him with the allegation which he denied but later owned up.   After the divorce, the actress made it known via social media.

“It’s true, we are no longer together. He has two baby mamas not even one and he has been begging my dad to make things work between us, but my mind is made up. No more going back to him. 

I’m doing great. My baby and I are just fine. Charles is not worthy to break my heart, so I have moved on.”

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Doctor performs brain surgery on wrong patient

In one of the worst cases of medical malpractice, a neurosurgeon has reportedly opened up the head of the wrong patient at Kenyatta National Hospital.

According to reports,
Two men had been wheeled into the hospetal unconscious last Sunday. One needed head surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain, while the other only required nursing and medication to heal a trauma swelling in his head, medically known as closed head injury.

However, there was a horrific mix-up of identification tags leading to the wrong man wheeled into theatre and his skull opened.

Unfortunately, Doctors did not realise the mistake until hours into the surgery when they discovered there was no blood clot in the brain of the man sprawled on the operating table.

A neurosurgeon has been suspended...


Mom excited about her baby born with 4 hands, 3 legs in Kaduna

A 24-year-old mother of 3 has given birth to a set of twins in Zaria, with one of them having four hands and three legs.

According to DailyTrust, Malama Hawwa’u Jamilu delivered the twins on Sunday, 25th February, 2018.

Strangely, Hawwa’u was not perturbed about the physique of her baby. She told Daily Trust that she regarded it as part of the might of Allah. “Both of them are female.

Of course, one would have loved to deliver the babies without any deformity. But since Allah in His infinite mercy had decided to create the twins like this, what can I do? This is why you see me relaxed, and I love them both.
The only peculiar behaviour exhibited by the deformed twin, is a big appetite. Apart from that. She is normal like any other baby. Have you forgotten that I carried...

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Horrible looking statue of late Ghanaian singer, Ebony Reigns surfaces (pic)

Ebony Reigns makes the news again and this time it's about a statue.


Below is a picture showing the statue depicting late Ghanaian singer, Ebony Reigns. It is not quite clear whether the statue is still under-construction, but social media fans have reacted to it with claims that it is too ugly and not befitting of the dancehall musician.

ebony reigns

Few days ago, we reported the news of how a mortuary attendant was seen in a video touching the corpse of late Ghanaian singer, Ebony Reigns and that of her friend Franky Kuri who died in an auto crash with her last month. The leaked video sparked a huge outcry on social media as many called for the arrest of the man whom they claimed was sexually assaulting the corpses.

The mortuary attendant has however revealed to Ohemeng Tawiah of Nhyira FM, through a friend whose name...

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