Fatima Ganduje and Idris Ajimobi are a non-virtous couple – Kwankwaso

Kwankwaso – Only few people are happy with the marriage.


Controversies are continuing to generate concerning the wedding of Fatima Ganduje, the daughter of Kano state governor. She got married to Idris Ajimobi, the son of the governor of Oyo state, in a wedding that saw the presence of president Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and 22 state governors.

Pictures from the wedding showing the new couple holding each other have generated criticisms from different quarters.  According to Daily Nigerian, former governor of Kano state, Rabiu Kwankwaso described the duo as ‘zawarawa’ which means ‘non-virtuous’ couple. This he did while addressing his supporters in Kaduna on Saturday.

“Only few people are happy with the marriage of a single zawarawa because they are just one. We heard the eastern, the western, the southern and the northern entry points to Kano are all shut for the marriage of a single ‘zawarawa’ couple.

“This shows a sharp departure from the Kwankwasiyya ideology in Kano State. Today, Kano was at a standstill because of this marriage.

“We also heard a lot of people from other places that are less busy have abandoned their duties to attend the wedding. I also heard this event involving a single couple has made lot of people doing their legitimate businesses remain indoors.

“All these show difference between honesty and dishonesty, between light and darkness, between mass wedding of a thousand couple and that of a single couple,” he said.


Below is a Facebook post by Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga, a media consultant to former vice president, Atiku Abubakar. In the post, he called out critics who have remained silent concerning a picture showing the daughter of Kano state governor, Fatima Ganduje getting fondled by her husband, Idris Ajimobi. He wondered why they lost their tongue concerning this issue, when they used the same tongue to criticize the daughter of Emir of Kano for dressing in a western ifluenced attire.

Read his Facebook post below.

Can You Live By Double Standard Without Losing Your Credibility?

Emir Muhammadu Sanusi’s daughter was once ferociously assailed for her “morally offensive” Western style of dressing and one Professor had even demanded her father to apologize for allowing his daughter to bring the Muslim ummah into disrepute. Today, Ganduje’s daughter Fatima is involved in the same “offensive” dressing. In fact, hers takes the biscuit because it involves open caressing, smooching and the fondling of her bristols by her honey Idris Ajimobi!

But these critics are curiously silent. Why? Is telling truth to power now selective or reserved only for soft targets like Sanusi because he is not politically powerful like a Governor? Daurawa, the Hisban boss or the morality police chief, is an unapologetic critic of leaders that offend Islamic values. What happened he has lost his voice, despite being the moral compass of our society? Has his courage crumbled because this time it involves Governor Ganduje’s daughter?

When I criticised the intrusion into people’s private lives, one of Sanusi’s critics and Daurawa’s fans told me that the children of Muslim leaders have no private lives as long as they “offend Islamic values in their dressing.” Then why should these critics crucify some daughters and spare others for the same “moral offence”? You can’t live by double standards without ultimately losing your own credibility. Speaking truth to power doesn’t mean selective memory or indifference to the truth that is not convenient to you.

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