Kidnappers rape, rob and pour acid on a nursing student ( Photo)

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A horrific and tragic incidence has befallen a final year nursing student of the University of Maiduguri as she was assaulted, raped, robbed and disfigured with acid on her.

In a rare case of a girl more sinned than sinning, the victim, Fatima has received an undeserved treatment by unknown persons

For unknown reasons, Final year nursing student of the University of Maiduguri identified as Fatima, who board a Keke Napep from Unimaid park to Baga road area in Borno state was reportedly kidnapped, raped, robbed and poured acid on by unknown men.

One of her friend @MusaExboss shared her photo on twitter explained how the incident happened.

MusaExboss Wrote:

We are soliciting for your prayers for her quick recovery.
This is Fatima my very good friend and classmate. Yesterday she board a Napep from Unimaid park to Baga road area in Maiduguri, unknown men kidnapped her, raped her, robbed her and poured acid on her and dumbed her by.

Below is how some people reacted to the wicked act.

May she recover fast in Jesus name, Amen

Why is it that northeners n acid are 1&2? Hanhannnn this is too much to be a coincidence n not planned.

Omg??this is pure wickedness ya salam you are the healer please heal her and grant her quick recovery ?? and punish those who are behind this

Sad after raping her still poured acid, wicked pple won’t die well. I wish her safe recovery ???

Jesus! Lord pls save her???

pure wickedness !! the guys that did this; i cant believe they are human being…. God instant judgement for them…. i cant just imagine that someone born of woman can be this evil…… no no no


Some people are not fit to live with humans on earth

I mean if at all she did offend anyone is this how you pay the person back? This is pure evil. I pray she gets well soon

The world we now live in…..Mercy on the oppressed and anguish on the oppressor oh Lord!

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