Oyo state’s governor’s son, Idris Ajimobi seen praying by the roadside (Picture)

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See what Idris Ajimobi did few days after his wedding.

Below is a viral picture showing Idris Ajimobi praying by the roadside with other Muslims. He is the son of the governor of Oyo state, Abiola Ajimobi who got married last week to Fatima Ganduje, daughter of governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano state.

There were lots of controversies concerning which saw the presence of president Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and 22 state governors. The politicians and office holders seen at the wedding were lambasted by the public for having the nerve to attend the occassion just few days after 105 schoolgirls were kidnapped in Dapchi, Yobe state.

Pictures from the wedding showing the new couple holding each other also generated criticisms from different quarters.  According to Daily Nigerian, former governor of Kano state, Rabiu Kwankwaso described the duo as ‘zawarawa’ which means ‘non-virtuous’ couple. This he did while addressing his supporters in Kaduna on Saturday.

“Only few people are happy with the marriage of a single zawarawa because they are just one. We heard the eastern, the western, the southern and the northern entry points to Kano are all shut for the marriage of a single ‘zawarawa’ couple.

“This shows a sharp departure from the Kwankwasiyya ideology in Kano State. Today, Kano was at a standstill because of this marriage.

“We also heard a lot of people from other places that are less busy have abandoned their duties to attend the wedding. I also heard this event involving a single couple has made lot of people doing their legitimate businesses remain indoors.

“All these show difference between honesty and dishonesty, between light and darkness, between mass wedding of a thousand couple and that of a single couple,” he said.

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President and citizens of Nigeria clapping for Ghana on its indepence day is a shame -Dino Melaye


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It is not a sin to have sexual thoughts – Relationship expert Amara Blessing Nwosu

Below is a post by Amara blessing Nwosu concerning sexual thoughts and religion.


Dear Brethren,

When has sexual thought become a sin? If you like, deny it; if you like, tell me I am a liar, the fact is that your teenager is struggling with sexual thoughts and it's a phase he or she must go through. Being born again doesn't mean you stop existing in this world; it doesn't mean you will stop being human, it only means that the Holy Spirit is there to guide you aright and help you not to dwell long in it and not to mess yourself up with that thought. But are you going to stop being human? The answer is NO! Even your bishop struggles with sexual thoughts and feelings sometimes. God who created you didn't make a mistake, He made you that way. If at a certain stage of your...

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Adeniyi Johnson reportedly weds actress Seyi Edun in secret (pictures)

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It appears Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson has tied the knot with Seyi Edun.

This is coming after Adeniyi Johnson said early this year that his relationship with the fellow actor will soon go to the next and permanent level.

Reports from sources close to the couple revealed that a marriage has already taken place, and the actor has been spotted wearing a gold wedding band on his ring finger. This can bee seen in the pictures below taken during a secret birthday party hosted for him by his godmother and Seyi Edun. He flaunted his ring hand severally till it became very obvious.

Last year, the actor took to Instagram to gush about his lover. He wrote:

''I’ve known this wonderful woman for a long time but we got closer in
2015 November, we became close as at the time I needed friends because
of what I was going...


My proposal was fake – Girl whose lover rejected her proposal speaks

A video which has gone viral since it surfaced online on Friday, March 2, captured a lady in a very romantic way goes down on her knees in front of many people to propose to her lover. But the guy rejected her proposal.

The video generated a lot of conversation on social media. While many pitied the lady over the rejection, some ladies took the opportunity to advance the reasons why they would not engage in the business of proposing to a man.

However, as it turns out, the whole episode of the proposal and rejection was a charade.

According to the lady who got 'rejected', she planned the video as part of an experiment she conducted.

The lady identified as Elorm Ama Governor-Ababio took to Instagram to explain the viral video.

She stated that she did that as a social experiment to send out a...

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