How Miss Akwa Ibom ambassador lost her fiance shortly after missing his call

2017 Most Beautiful Girl in Akwa Ibom Ambassador MBGAK, Queen Ndiana Inyang is at the moment grieving following the death of her fiance.

Inyang, who reported was attending the Thanksgiving service in honour of the Akwa Ibom state speaker yesterday at Full life Uyo, missed her man’s call, a call which turned out to be his last.

Akwa Ibom ambassador

She took to Facebook to reveal the sad news;

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Stop lying to young girls – Miss Vimbai throws shade at Laura Ikeji and others

A Zimbabwean media personality identified as Miss Vimbai has called out female celebrities like Laura Ikeji, who flaunt their luxurious lifestyle on social media with claims that they achieved it all via hardwork.

You will recall that earlier this week, Laura Ikeji, who is known for flaunting her wealth, got herself a hot ride as a birthday gift with claims of having worked hard to earn the money.

Well, Miss Vimbai has cautioned such ladies whom she says are sending the wrong message to young girls who do not know that most of what those celebrities flaunt on social media were gotten from men and not any handwork as they love to claim.

Miss Vimbai also advised ladies to stay calm and stop acting like they are the enterpreneur of the year when the business they have hasn't really fetched them up to N20m annual turnover.

She advised...

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How my parents found out about my third child on social media – Wizkid

Nigerian superstar singer Wizkid has revealed that his parents found out about his 3rd son with manager Jada Pollock on social media.

In an interview with Beat FM, the singer was asked how he tells his parents he is having a kid out of wedlock to which he replied;

“The crazy thing is this last one. My parents just kinda found out online’.

My Mom just wants me to get married, stay with one woman and have babies but I’m 27 years old.”

Wikzid continued saying although he has 3 kids from 3 different women, he would love another child, this time a girl.

“I’ve got three kids, three lovely boys that I love so much. I want a girl,” he said.

On not being able to keep his life private he said;

“I’m a private person. I like to keep my personal life out of...

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Travel boxes given as Souvenirs at Fatima Dangote & Jamil Abubakar’s wedding (photos)

Last weekend, Fatima Dangote & Jamil Abubakar's wedding guests went home with travel boxes as souvenirs.

We weren't expecting nothing less anyway!

Fatima’s dad is the richest African alive and one of the world’s richest men, and also Jamil’s dad was the former Inspector General of Police of Nigeria, the very pinnacle of a policeman’s career.

Not ending there, Jamil himself is a very rich, very affluent young man, a serious super car buff who owns some of the most awesome cars in his garage, not to talk of his humongous watch collection that can build several houses for some other people.

So you can imagine that whatever would concern the Dangotes and the Abubakars would be top notch, over the top, seven stars by all standards and first class all the way.

Below are photos of the colourful, very beautiful, smart small travel boxes that the couple Jamil...

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