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How a huge sign prevented this beautiful lady from committing suicide

Sometimes we are sad, depressed or perhaps worn out that we think the best way to deal with it is to take our lives. It was in a moment like this that an American Twitter user @heyitsjel was in and almost committed suicide by jumping down the 41st floor of a building before God used a life saving huge sign to save her.

Talking a walk down the memory, @heyitsjel narrated how she aborted the decision of committing suicide 3 years ago after she saw a sign which read ‘in God we trust’, on the building across her. Her tweets read;

exactly 3 yrs ago, i was about to jump off from the 41st floor of my condo to end all the bullying and other problems that i was experiencing i took a step back when i saw this huge sign on the building across from me i can’t believe i made it this far, in God we trust indeed

God indeed works in mysterious ways. God used a sigh that had been there all the time to touch her heart at the most crucial of times.

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