Man’ house gutted by fire while watching Man City Vs Chelsea match in Uyo (photos)

Below is a story and pictures shared by a man who claims his house got gutted by fire while he was away at a bar in Uyo to see an EPL game between Manchester City and Chelsea FC.

He narrated how a distress call alerted him about the incident while he was still relaxing at the bar after the game. On getting home, what he met was his house burnt to the ground. His Facebook post below.

Yesterday Sunday March 4th will easily go down as one of my worst days on earth as my room and indeed my entire compound was levelled to ground zero.

I was at Calwino bar for the Man City vs Chelsea game. After the match ended, I decided to sit back and just savour the evening when I got a distress call from my compound at No 10b Afia Etoi Lane,Uyo.

I immediately rushed home and the sight I beheld left me numb and mentally paralyzed for some moments. A sea of concerned neighbors were attempting a Hollywood styled yet frantic rescue mission on my entire compound which has now been enveloped by a thicket of fire and heavy smokes.

I was speechless and totally lost as to whether for real that was my house burning. Immediately, my credentials flashed in my mind and I stealthily negotiated a manoeuvre to the side yard to see if I could enter my room and rescue one or two things,but that was to no avail as the fire had already taken hold of my room and things were bursting up and down. Now totally dejected, all I could do was to stand among the throng of sympathizers and stare with disbelief as my room went down to the powerful embers of the fire.

All efforts by my amateur firefighters to douse the fire with improvised fire repellants proved abortive. With hope now lost,neighbors started removing things from their apartments for fear of the fire going wild and catching their apartments too. I was helpless and terrified by the power and destructive efficiency of fire as an agent of mass destruction. The fire purred and purred.

Fire Service arrived about an hour later but before they arrived the fire had orgasm and the fickles were glowing and gleaming like a hot ore all over the building. Fire Service did indeed poured their water but that could only help mummify the red fire into rich charcoal.

As the site settled with anti climax smokes,I brokenly peeped into my room and it was desolate and totally flat. All the evidence of long years of hustling,certificates,books,appliances,family pictures,documents all gone.

Right now,am left with just this black polo and shorts that I wore to go watch the match..Its kinda weird and unbelievable. But I thank God for life of all in the compound that was not lost.With time,am sure everything will begin to shape up again.

Man City Vs Chelsea match in Uyo
Man City Vs Chelsea match in Uyo
Man City Vs Chelsea match in Uyo
Man City Vs Chelsea match in Uyo

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Atiku’s media consultant calls out Hisbah police concerning picture showing Fatima Ganduje getting fondled by her husband, Idris Ajimobi


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Atiku’s media consultant calls out Hisbah police concerning picture showing Fatima Ganduje getting fondled by her husband, Idris Ajimobi

Atiku's media consultant slams critics.


Below is a Facebook post by Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga, a media consultant to former vice president, Atiku Abubakar. He called out critics who have remained silent concerning a picture showing the daughter of Kano state governor, Fatima Ganduje getting fondled by her husband, Idris Ajimobi. He wondered why they lost their tongue concerning this issue, when they used the same tongue to criticize the daughter of Emir of Kano for dressing in a western ifluenced attire.

Read his Facebook post below.

Can You Live By Double Standard Without Losing Your Credibility?

Emir Muhammadu Sanusi's daughter was once ferociously assailed for her "morally offensive" Western style of dressing and one Professor had even demanded her father to apologize for allowing his daughter to bring the Muslim ummah into disrepute. Today, Ganduje's daughter Fatima is involved in the same "offensive" dressing. In fact, hers takes the...


Sad! Doctor breaks baby’s arm during delivery, pretends like nothing happened

A 21-year-old new mum, Lebogang Setshotloe, has accused a doctor at Moses Kotane Hospital of breaking her baby’s arm during delivery.

The South African mum said she wasn’t allowed to see her baby girl until a day after delivery. She then found out that her daughter’s arm was broken.

Setshotloe narrated to Daily Sun that the hospital had failed her.

“I asked the nurse a day after I had a Cesarean section why my baby’s arm was broken and  I was told the doctor had apologised for the mistake.
“This was a lie, as the doctor never even bothered to examine me after the delivery.

“Why was I not informed about what had happened as the mum of the child? This makes me really angry,” she said.

“I want the doctor and the hospital to come and explain to me how my baby’s arm was broken. I want to know what happened,”...

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