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Frustrated man assaults, kills his sex doll, dumps body in the bush (Photos)

In shocking reports, a frustrated man reportedly beats up, and kill his sex doll, there after dumps the body in the bush.

A sex doll in Thailand has met a gruesome end after its owner, for reasons unknown, slashed its stomach open, battered and mutilated the body and dumped the doll in the bush.

As at the time of this reports, reasons behind the actions are currently unknown.

Meanwhile, Thailand Police in Nonthawat were alerted by a passer-by about a ‘body’ dumped in a bush. They arrived the scene only to discover the mutilated sex doll.

See the disturbing photos below:

sex doll,
sex doll,
sex doll,
sex doll,
sex doll,
sex doll,

This won’t be the first time photos of a ripped apart sex doll by its owner will hit the internet.

It may be recalled that in January, a man attempting a kinky sex position with his sex doll shocked social media users after he ended up breaking the doll’s leg.

According to Facebook user, Karess Lawary, he was trying to be freaky with bae (his sex doll) when he started feeling too good. So he tried to put the doll’s leg behind her head and pound away.

Only for the sex doll to snap and break in the leg and finger region of the “body”

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Nigerian Wife defends her husband who asked a single lady for threesome on Twitter

A mild drama ensued on a Twitter thread of a Nigerian lady @chocl8_princess, who disclosed how a Nigerian man stormed her DM to ask for a threesome.

Apparently,Twitter user, @chocl8_princess replied to a tweet of the Nigerian man’s wife which read ‘Some people are so desperate to be messy. A man replies your DM and next thing you’re tweeting about married men being in your DMs.’

Here are screenshots of the exchange below;

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The moment Aisha Buhari made everyone laugh at Osinbajo/Shagaya’s wedding reception (photos, details)

Nigeria's first lady, Aisha Buhari not only graced the wedding of Dami Osinabo and Tope Bakare (son of billionaire Bola Shagaya) which held over the weekend, but also handled the cutting of the cake assignment at the reception.

While carrying out the duty, she made guests laugh with a few hilarious remarks and also addressed the newly weds.

Aisha Buhari Osinbajo/Shagaya's wedding

Aisha Buhari Osinbajo/Shagaya's wedding

Aisha Buhari Osinbajo/Shagaya's wedding

Aisha Buhari Osinbajo/Shagaya's wedding


Man narrates how God made a mad man temporarily regain sanity to save him

Below is the encounter a man identified as Fola Olatunji-David had with a mad man.


God is still in the business of embarrassing us with miracles.

My car stopped on the road today in Surulere.

Was stranded for 45 mins trying to diagnose and find help.

A half naked MADMAN shows up and tells me what to do (go buy fuel).

15 mins later, problem solved.

mad man

Took the car to the shop for some mechanical work a few days back… As per Naija mechanic (fix one, spoil another), he spoilt the fuel gauge. So I didn’t realise I was out of fuel (guage was still well over half, and i hadn’t driven car in days to remember proper level)

After my informed diagnosis of problem elimination, I conclude that the new fuel pump that was replaced...

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