Eric Many denies having anything to do with Runtown’s ‘sex tape’

Eric Many, the record label Runtown is in dispute with over breach of contract, has spoken concerning a sex tape allegedly involving the singer which is said to leak any moment from now.

Yesterday, a chat alleged to be between the label’s boss, Dilly and a PR guru leaked. The chat talked about a sex tape which shows the singer in bed with a lady whose identity is one of the reasons why the video is being withheld from the view of the public.

However, General Manager of Eric Many Entertainment, Johnson Adumike, has labelled the alleged chat as fake one. Johnson further addressed the talk of a sex tape as a childish act and disclosed that the Instagram page where the sex tape was leaked obviously belongs to a social media influencer.

He said Eric Many is a respected entertainment company who will put out fact with legal documents and backings, instead of being drawn into a childish charade by whoever is behind the fake news.

eric many

The new development is coming just few days after the Johnson Adumike called out the singer for posting a video on Instastories about a collaboration he’s cooking with Wizkid.

Tradition: Runtown - International Badman Killa

Johnson advised the singer to rather get lawyers to help settle the case he’s having with them rather than flaunting what he doesn’t have the legal right to see through.

‘Runtown, rather than deceiving your fans by teasing them with a collaboration which you do not have the legal right to release, what you should do is to get your lawyers to come up with legal documents to clear your name just like Kiss Daniel when he had a similar issue. This is a way more mature approach than just throwing subliminals on social media’.
‘Its baseless pretending to the public when you clearly signed the dotted lines and its only right to be reasonable and keep your end of the deal  and I Johnson Adumike will make sure that I inform the fans and followers of all proceedings and deliberations in court,so all interested parties can know current situation between Eric Many And Runtown at all times’, he said.

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