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I haven’t seen you in 18 years but you are the reason I’m a fighter – Denrele Edun pens happy birthday letter to mum

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Denrele Edun thanked her for being by his father’s side even when he was out of job.

Nigerian Veejay and cross dresser, Denrele Edun has penned an open letter to his mother on her birthday day. In the letter, he thanked her for being by his father’s side even when he was out of job. He also spoke of how she never thought of running back to her own country even when they had to move to an uncompleted building with his relatives always on her neck.

He posted pictures of her on Instagram as he shared the story. Read below.


Havent seen you in 18 YEARS but you are the reason i’m a FIGHTER! Stumbled on your old Mauritius Passport today and it brought back memories of all the sacrifices you made for us all, especially ME.

As a Foreigner on the Nigerian soil, you never thought of running back to Mauritius and India with us kids even when our Dad was out of work (severally) and when you had to survive constant bickering and antagonizing fights with his relatives. Even when we left our Duplex and moved to an uncompleted building and finally to the hellish cramped ONE ROOM in the family house, You found ways to provide even if it meant starving yourself. You instilled so much strength in me to carry our family along!

You never liked any of my girlfriends but I can forgive you now.
You didn’t earn more than Papa (even when you secured work for him), but you sure worked a lot more.
Juggling your job and looking after your family,
I can image how at the end of each day, you always felt sore.
Don’t think that your efforts are going unnoticed,
We all appreciate everything you do,
We are always looking for ways to show our love,
So that we can give back bit by bit, to you.
We know you don’t expect anything in return,
For all the hard work you do for us and Papa,
But I realize that it must take superhuman strength,
To keep everyone happy and glad.
So today, we celebrate your life
A woman who is not just a wife and a mother,
But a woman who is beautiful and so loving,
That just being around her is one of life’s treasure!

My AMAZING MUM currently lives in Dublin, Ireland and even though it’s been over 18 years since she left the shores of Nigeria (on my insistence)…I’ve decided that our reunion would be my BIRTHDAY GIFT!


Denrele Edun  birthday letter to mum
Denrele Edun  birthday letter to mum
denrele edun mother
Denrele Edun  birthday letter to mum
Denrele Edun  birthday letter to mum
denrele edun


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Denrele Edun celebrates his indian mother on her birthday

Nigerian television host, cross dresser, Denrele Edun , shared beautiful pictures of his mom alongside a hearty birthday wish, as he appreciates her.
has taken to his Instagram to celebrate his Indian mother on her birthday.

Denrele Edun is Nigeria's vivacious and eccentric television personality, he was born in Harmburg, Germany to a Yoruba father and an Indian - Maurituius mother, and an English education graduate of the university of Lagos.

The only son of his parents revered his mom, praising her of her hard work, resilience and selfless effort made in raising him and his siblings up.

He said as a foreigner she was, there were a lot of sacrifices his mother made,...


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