Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma has had sex with several Babcock University boys – Twitter user

Davido’s girlfriend is a full skrep. Babcock boys don chow her well.


Davido is in the news again, this time it’s for something I doubt he would want to read about. A Twitter user by the handle 2TzHardy has called out Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma. He claims she was a girl usually passed around by Babcock University students. He also boldly claims she’s currently cheating on Davido, even when the singer has placed her above his 2 baby mamas, celebrated her openly, took her on a shopping spree abroad and is set to release a brand new single to celebrate her.

Read the guys words below.

”Hope Davido knows his babe is a full skrep. Babcock boys don chow her well. Baba still dey sing flora my flawa for that dead babe. Dirty Dirty girl, OBO gan dey too fall hand. All thatv money, always Babcock skreps dey enter him eye. Yes, I dey vex. Obo deserves better than a skrep. Funny thing is, boys still dey chop am on a lowkey. loool. Make the Chioma come face me say she still no dey f*ck up and down. All the money, all the snaps, all the songs, she still gon cheat on you. Imagine going somewhere and you hearing your babe was a skrep during her uni days. Because you f*cked other girls, you no go shame? Skreps issa No, skreps are passed around not owned. Even Davido himself can’t say he doesn’t know me. Except he has forgotten about Emeka Iloba, the gbadun days, Chinese restaurant chills or when premium boys wanted to beat his proud ass before nobody knew him in bu, before Makinde wife came to rescue him. We dey jam Omo baba olowo uncut before he mix am. For E8 Welch”.

davido's girlfriend


Davido dragged to court over alleged N4,000,000 fraud

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  1. How will this benefit you town crier? Maybe this Chioma girl turned you down, that’s why you are so vexed. Eveey one has a past. And besides, if you have had pre-marital sex, masturbated, raped someone in the past, you are also guilty.

  2. leave the clown. I wonder why some people dey enjoy to dey mumu themselves. who you fuck the girls keep for. you know, sometimes, clowns like the poster marry housemaids more than their wives.

  3. Na wa o. this your rant shows you are a loser. If you don chop am. move on and chop odas. unless, she chop you reach zero and younoget hope for anoda geh.

    useless loser. go fuck cow.

  4. The thing is that Davido did not love chioma cos she was a virgin,these days people find love wherever even in Brothels.Gone are those days virgins use to be trending .Real men with experience need real woman with experience ful stop.

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