Nigerian Sweden based dancer, Cynthia Uzomba celebrates her 18th birthday with lovely photos

Nigerian Sweden based dancer, Cynthia Uzomba is 18 years today. The lovely dancer shared some beautiful pictures with the quote below.


”I was born into this world in the month of March. I grew like other children, happy and strong and was always willing to try new things. Born and raised in Cross River, Calabar I learnt the language and the ways of the Efiks then I relocated to Imo State, Owerri after my elementary education in Calabar. I started my high school in Owerri and completed my junior secondary education before I moved to Sweden. During my stay at Owerri, I learnt my mother tongue perfectly and could read, write and communicate with it, it was indeed an exciting experience although moving to Sweden was a bit fascinating amongst all.

I started my dance career as a kid. I would go to birthday parties and dance, win prices and return home as a victorious child. As time went on I started competing in big dance competitions in Nigeria such as Calabar festival, UTCH end of the year party and Ibariogwa children’s day where I won and was crowned queen in the year 2012/2013. I was also good at track and field event during my school days. I won inter-house sports competitions, led the school during parades on the 1st of October and was a good debate candidate. I enjoyed all these but what continuously gave me joy was dance so I had to follow my heart.

My coming to Sweden paved a way for my dance to expand easily so I settled down to learn the language and become familiar with my new environment. I’m a medical student and in my first year of study. Combining music and classes isn’t an easy task to accomplish but once the motivation is present, everything flows along. I started here in Sweden by teaching some classmates of mine, and then joined a Cultural group and now I run my own dance classes. I shoot videos, post them on my pages and go for dance shows and competitions. I have had the opportunity to mingle with great dancers and musicians and I am thankful for all these opportunities. Music and dance is something I’m known for, they gladden my spirit and keep me moving. Without hard work, success cannot be achieved, and this is the reason I keep the train moving and would never give up no matter how difficult it might seem. The end is never the end until you decide it”.

cynthia uzomba

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