Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha shares childhood photo as she celebrates 38th birthday

One of the scandal-free actresses in Nollywood, Chioma Akpotha clocks 38!

Beautiful Nollywood star recently clocked a new age and to celebrate the special day, she shared lovely photos of herself including an adorable childhood photo.

Chioma turned 38 on March 12.

The actress began her acting career in the new millennium and has been a powerful force since then. Contrary to popular belief, Chioma’s life has not always been rosy and she revealed this in her birthday message which she shared on her social media page.

The actress, whose birth was a miracle, shared a cute photo of when she was only a child and how God’s mighty hand has been protecting her ever since.

Chioma also shared a message on the grace of God in her life. At 38, she has every reason to celebrate as a mighty achiever and God’s favourite daughter.

The actress was born in Oraifite, Ekwusigo local government area of Anambra and did her schooling in both Lagos and Anambra state.

Her father and mother who are both late, were Leonard Ndukaife Chukwuka and Grace Egoyibo Chukwaka respectively. They probably did not imagine their little princess would become a famous actress in Nigeria. They encouraged her to be a banker, which explains why she entered the Lagos State University and graduated from there with a degree in Banking and Finance.

She is a mother to two fantastic children. They are both boys. The first boy was born soon after Chioma Chukwuka got married. The second son was born in April 2007. These two boys do not share in their mother`s fame. She is very protective of her children and family. See below for things you didn’t know about Chioma Akpotha!

Top 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Chioma Akpotha
1. Her family is very proud of her movie career. She loves her movie roles especially her first movie “The Apple” released in 2000. In this movie, she played the role of an obstinate 17-year old who felt she was sufficiently matured for marriage. Even now, the actress admits that this role resembled her at that age.

2. Her husband is not a famous actor. But she really loves him. She said a husband should be everything to a woman. He shouldn’t be only a husband, but also a friend and supporter. Chioma Akpotha husband seems to be just that. And that’s how she had managed to stay away from scandals for so long.

3. Chioma Akpotha loves her kids. She is a very protective about their private life. She has never spoken about them to the public. Therefore, there is not much information about these two kids. Assuming if one of them was born in 1995, then he should be a University graduate today. Still, no information is available right now!

In conclusion, this beautiful actress who is a role model to many, has a husband that is her friend and supporter. She also has two adorable children who are now grownups.

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