Inside Vietnamese market where cats are butchered and sold (pictures)

These horrific pictures show the inside of a Vietnamese cat meat market where pets are skinned and butchered for a delicacy known as ‘little tiger.’

A cat rescuer, identified only as Quyen, filmed inside the market in Quan Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City, last month in a bid to raise awareness about the trade.

Cat meat, or ‘little tiger’ as it is known, is believed to be a source of strength and feline-like agility in Vietnam as well as thought to ward off bad luck and dishes can go for up to £57.

Quyen’s video shows some of the cats are wearing collars, suggesting they could have been snatched from loving homes and are now awaiting their fate of being killed, cooked and sold.

Reports suggest Vietnam banned cat restaurants in 1997 during a rat plague but Ms Brown says the industry has thrived despite the law.

She claimed ‘little tiger’ meat is so popular, many of the cats are smuggled in tightly-packed trucks from neighbouring China and Laos to fuel the demand. dailymail


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