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University students pictured sitting on the floor to receive lectures

An aggrieved Twitter user @Farida_N, has taken to the platform to share photos taken from University of Lome lecture session. The photos show some students sitting on the floor to receive lectures in an already filled hall.

According to @Farida_N, a 15,000 capacity university in the University of Lome is now home to 40,000 students

Here is what she tweeted…

It pains me to see that a decade after some of us left the University of Lome, things have not changed. Going to school at 4 for a lecture starting at 7 am just so you can find a spot to seat. A 15,000 capacity university is now home to 40,000 students. #Fauremustgo#Togodebout

She also captured other harsh condition Togolese have been forced to live, which prompted the call for Togo’s President Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé Eyadéma, to leave.

 Here are other tweets;

‘Our minister of development Victoire Dogbe build this mansion in her village as a vacation house. In the same village, take a look at the school children attend and the river they fetch water to drink. Dear Minister of Corruption Development thank you Mam’

‘Welcome to the maternity of the Sylvanus Olympio Hospital of #Togo , the largest of the country. Over half of people born in #Lomesince the 60s were born here. These are babies some of them are premature, delivered on the floor: no bed available #Fauremustgo#Togodebout

‘Being a child, a student, a woman in Togo is hell! Now what u don’t want to be is a prisoner. The journalist who investigated the state of our overcrowded prisons as seen on pictures was almost killed afterwards. This is Lome civil prison, one of the best #Togodebout#Fauremustgo

‘In Togo we say of people who lack comon sense that they wash their face from their chin to the forehead. When government collects up to 30% tax and the officials embezzele the money, you expect the citizen to take additional money to do the government’s job as charity.’

‘If you are an #African dictator in the 21st century: my advice for you is to leave on your own. Because this generation will disgrace you. We’re no longer at the age of Black & White TV when we get to see you every night on the news inaugurating bicycle parkings. #Fauremustgo


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