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TV Personality, Daala Oruwari, recounts her near death experience at Ikoyi Club

Nigerian TV personality, Daala Oruwari has now shared her near death experience when she went with her family to get their National ID cards recently.

Read her full story below…

Last week Friday, My family and I went to Ikoyi Club at around 9am for the National ID card exercise which they had so thoughtfully organised for their members & on getting there, the card processing had not started so we crossed over to the pool to swim for 2hours after which we went back for the processing. After about 5 hours, we were done & we decided to order dinner. 

My dad, bro and I orded the special mixed grill, while my mum ordered Amala which was taking too long to arrive only to find out after 30mins that the person to make it was too busy, so grudgingly she had to order the mixed grill as well. Before ordering dinner, my brother and I had ordered suya and were told to pick up in 45 mins, but by the time we were done eating it had been sold and we had to reorder and wait another 45minutes.

After that, we called the driver to bring the car from the car park and after waiting for a longer time than usual, we called again, only for him to tell us that the car which has never had a problem before was not starting. My Mom quickly informed @jdautos our trusted auto repair company who proceeded to find out what the problem was.

It wasn’t up to 5 minutes after that all hell broke loose. Without warning, my head suddenly started to spin. I paused for a second wondering what was happening and realised I was starting to stagger. My vision started to get very blurry and suddenly everything went black. At this point I lost consciousness. According to my mum, I was saying “Im feeling dizzy, mummy I cant see, everything is going dark…” She screamed to my brother to grab me as I crashed to the ground. Immediately I turned pale, started sweating and my eyes rolled to the back of my head.

As God would have it, the Chairman of Ikoyi club was arriving just at the time where I was being put in a chair and he yelled for someone to run to the hospital and call the in-house doctor and after a few minutes, the doctor came and all I remember was hearing “we need to carry her in a stretcher”. Next time I opened my eyes was to the sound of the doctor and nurse saying my veins had collapsed and they couldn’t find anywhere to insert the needle for the drip. They stared tying each arm over and over again to try to find a vein but i was already so ghostly white that it looked impossible so they folded my arm in a funny position and found the tiniest vein which was my saving grace.

In all the commotion, there wasnt any time to check my blood pressure, and on checking after about 25 minutes of getting the needle in, it read 70/60 Mm Hg to which the doctor said it must have been much lower when I first came in.

Turns out that medication i had been given to treat a cough I had been having for a while reacted badly with my system and was drying out my blood.

As I lay in bed i started to play back all the events of the day.

•The National Id card issuer not arriving on time,

• The process delaying us for 5 hours + because of network,

•My mums food order taking too long, eventually not coming &making us have to wait about 25 mins for her to order another one,

•My brothers suya getting sold and making us wait an extra 45mins to get another one

• The car battery dying and delaying us. Taking away how nicely the doctor put it, with my Blood pressure at such a dangerously low level, If not for all the delays, I would have gotten into the 3rd mainland traffic would surely have died.

I’m doing much better now and I honestly wasn’t going to share this but something happened to a friend of mine this morning and I realised that alot of people who look strong on the outside, posting happy pictures on social media, typing Lol and looking like they are having the best life are facing depression over one dissapointment or the other at the moment.

If there’s anything this experience taught me, its that God that got you to it, will get you through it. Also this is a reminder to everyone, especially my fellow entertainers who are always on the move to take care of your health and not ignore any signs you have when it comes to your health. 

I’m doing much better and will be back on my feet soon, but in the meantime, i wish you all love and light…1

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