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”Stop referring to me as Slay Queen” – Toyin Lawani tells Fans

”Stop referring to me as Slay Queen” – Toyin Lawani tells Fans

toyin lawani

Fashion entrepreneur and celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has called on her fans to stop calling her slay queen. She said she prefers to be called king of all queens cos she believes slay queens don’t have brain and all they know how to do is live a fake life. Read her Instagram post below.

Pls pls pls I need my followers to stop Referring to me As a slay Queen,King of All Queens is just fine,Thanks�
I don’t work this hard to be Called slay Queens that don’t have Brain,than to fake up and down.�
I’m Real and what you see is what you get,off to Eat some Eba and ila �

So sorry for all them slay Queens,
I so hate the word,slaying is not Values,Hardwork is what pays off,King of All Queens or Serial Entrepreneur or Business mogul or fashion mogul is fine by me,My Parents didn’t spend millions sending me to All the various schools to Attain my various degrees ,to Be Called a slay Queen,A mother is even fine by me,The word is just simply irritating to me.

According to urban dictionary, slay queens are…

Young and naive girls who apparently do not date broke men. They spend hours on Snapchat and Instagram showing off things they don’t even own.
Nairobi slay queens are the worst, they will milk you dry then run way.
The word was mostly used as hashtags by girls who are fond of posting sexy pictures on social media. For a while, the tag seemed trendy until it started getting trashy and cheap cos every local girl started associating with it. And with this definition given to it by urban dictionary, many ladies are beginning to ditch the use of the tag.
toyin lawani
slay Queen Toyin Lawani

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