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See the stunning reason why a Nigerian mum slapped a man 4 times (Photos)

A Nigerian mum took to Facebook to recount her bitter encounter with a man who according to her, assaulted her on Sunday, all because she parked right in front of him.

According to the mum identified as Adesola Ruby Akinyanmi, she slapped the man 4 times for pouring her food on her.

Here’s what Mrs Akinyanmi wrote…

This happened to me on Sunday afternoon?????.

I went to a restaurant to have lunch after church with Ayomikun. Barely 10minutes of settling down to eat, the security came to call me that I needed to re-pack because the man I blocked was ready to go. I gladly offered my car key for them to move my car. They declined saying they’re not allowed to drive customer’s car. The next minute the man I was blocking came into the restaurant and asked “who the fuck was blocking him”?

Before I could look up to utter a word, he snatched my car key from the tray. He then started screaming fuck words??????. The next minute he came back and poured my food on me!!!.

I was shocked and blank for about 30seconds before I snapped back to reality. Everyone in the restaurant went after him and he still had the gut to be raining curses and all.

Immediately I was out shock, I stepped out, and went to through the crowd to give him 3hot slaps. I went back into the restaurant this time, I was really shivering and crying bitterly obviously from shock. I went through the crowd again gave him the fourth hot slap. I then tore his cloth.

I held him and the fighter in me came out. I screamed and rained curses on him for being such an animal. I also prayed in my loud voice that day, that God will replace him with a good man for his wife!!!

It was an unimaginable scene!!! The one that won’t even happen in Nollywood.

I decided to sit back and take my time. I called on my friend Shakie who lives around that area. Trust Nigerians to beg and beg on his behalf.

We later left the scene and went home. By the way, I live in that area as well.

I’m sure the man is still surprised a woman can stand up to him in the manner I did.

That’s the gorrila in mint green????????

That’s her experience! If you were in her shoes what would you have done?

We believe the matter could have have been handled more wisely and discreetly though. Offence will definitely come, however, God’s grace is sufficient to overcome.

The big question… What will you do when under pressure to compromise?

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Nigerian couple welcomes a set of twins 12 years after marriage (Photo)

Mr and Mrs Shomope had been married for twelve years and had been trusting God for the fruit of the womb since they got married. God decided to remember the family like he remembered Hannah and He remembered them in a massive way by blessing the couple with a set of twins.

They were probably expecting a baby but God surpassed their expectations by giving them two. Congratulations to them.

In the photo below, the husband and new mother carried cuddled one baby each. We pray God watches, directs and establish the new babies..

Recall that a beautiful couple, identified as Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Ndukwe, dedicated their beautiful set of twins children,...
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23-year-old Nigerian beauty queen killed in ghastly motor accident set to be laid to rest (Photos)

Blessing Eberechukwu Muokwe, the 2017 Miss Prestige Nigeria Diaspora, was reportedly killed in a ghastly motor accident on January 22, 2018.

The 23-year-old will be laid to rest in her hometown, Akwa Vilage, Ifitedunu in Dunukoffia Local Government Area of Anambra State on February 10th.

Late Ebere, was reportedly until her untimely death, a staff at the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN).

Below are tributes by her friends...


How a staff of PHCN was arrested by juju in Osun state


It was about midday in the heart of Osogbo, when some officials of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria were on a mass disconnection at the Ayetoro area of the city capital.

Their vehicle inched towards Ifayemi Elebuibon Street, stopping at the very pole in front of the expansive residence of the Ifa priest. Four PHCN officials alighted from the vehicle.

A group of residents, whose electricity cables had been disconnected some distance up the street, had followed the vehicle on foot. The leader of the team, a dark-skinned middle-aged man, opened a conversation with the restless residents.

Two men, who appeared to be the youngest in the PHCN team, brought down a brown, long wooden ladder hinged to the top of the pickup. As they were mounting the ladder against the pole, the Araba of Osogbo, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon, came out of his compound.

He greeted them and asked...

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