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Nigerian couple who got wedded three weeks after they met celebrate 4th wedding anniversary (Photos)

The South African based Nigerian man named John Michael Ezeke took to Facebook to reveal that he and his wife, Nnena got married just three weeks after they met, and according to him, it’s been all cute and rosy every since. He revealed this to celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary today.

 Mr John wrote;

“Dear friends join to give us your wishes as we are celebrating and refreshing our 4th year marriage vow today, this day and this time 2014 I was still at the venue because that was the best day I ever witnessed in my life.

The most amazing thing in this marriage is that, despite we got married and wedded in three weeks of knowing ourselves but we never had a fight for one day and the marriage is refreshing everyday as if we are just starting to date each other. please if you want a miracle marriage like mine or even better than ours then pls join and wish us how you want urs to be.”

See more pictures below…

Nigerian couple
Nigerian couple
Nigerian couple

Recall that yesterday we shared the story of a Nigerian man who goes by the name FC Mbabie has taken to Facebook to narrate how he met his wife and how they got married just 6 months after meeting.

According the man, he was driving by one day when he noticed her walking along the road. He then decided to give her a lift before discovering they were neighbours. He stated that they became casual friends/neighbours after then, but he later took the courage to ask her out, and they immediately clicked.

The man reveals that they have been married for 8 years now and blessed with three children. In his post, he talked about them having a blissful marriage life as they hardly quarrel with each other. Anytime he is angry, she is calm and anytime she is angry, he is always calm. This according to him, has been the lifeline of their marriage. And at the end of the day, he always has a special way of compensating her. This he did not mention in his post though

The man even mentioned that they are of different tribes and still despite their differences they are able to survive, especially in this period where an average  Nigerian believes you can hardly survive when you get married to someone that is not directly from your tribe or race.

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