Mayorkun narrowly escapes death after being robbed blind in Enugu


Mayorkun, who is also the self acclaimed Mayor of Lagos was schooled in the ways of the street last night in Enugu state where he went for a performance.

The superstar who was in the company of Young6x was mobbed and robbed during the show, his popular 30BG diamond jewelry was snatched in the process.

Mayorkun took to his page to announce the robbery and the confusing emotions that has since engulfed him.

While Mayorkun mourned the loss of his expensive stolen property, his colleague Young6x merely mourned the near loss of his own properties. According to Young6x, his training in the way of the street saved him from being robbed.

Mayorkun was not so lucky. He lost his precious jewelry which was gifted to him by his boss Davido months ago.



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