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Why you should marry from your socio-economic bracket

Regarding the issue of marriage, so many people have turn councellors overnight.
Same goes for twitter user @kingtobi who appears to have a voice on the afore-mentioned subject

According to the Nigerian man, one must try to marry from his or her socioeconomic bracket as it will be abnormal to see Dangote’s son fall in love with the daughter of a gateman.

His tweets read:

“Marry someone that’s in your socioeconomic bracket. Don’t let any guy/girl use you as a ticket meal for their family

Pls take note, I didn’t say “socioeconomic class” I said “socioeconomic bracket” there’s a difference

Your parents will spend their whole life building something great for you then u ruin it wit elements like “love, passion, freedom” without ur parents sacrifices u won’t even have to chances you’ve got, protect what they’ve built wit their blood and sweat. U owe it to them.

If Dangote’s son falls in love wit their gateman’s daughter, then he’s got mental issues. If he fell in love with his father’s accountant or PA’s daughter, then that’s fine. Wit all his education and exposure he will go that low? That’s sickness.

This tweet has had a lot of people coming on my mentions, making me realize that a lot of people are actually waiting for a man/woman to come liberate them via marriage from their brokness, this are the people I’ve said we shouldn’t marry

What do you think??

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Reasons Aliko Dangote banned alcohol at his upcoming daughter’s wedding to IG’s son

According to reports, in the month of March, high caliber of visitors from around the world would all converge at the expansive hall of the Eko Hotel Convention Centre, Victoria Island Lagos to celebrate the wedding between Fatima Dangote, daughter of Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Africa's Richest on planet Earth and Jamil Abubakar aka Jamboy, the first son of the former Inspector General of Police in Nigeria.

Just like the Sarakis, who are practicing Muslims refused to serve alcohol of any kind at their children's humongous wedding ceremonies a few months back, reports emanating from the household of the families involved with the upcoming wedding, has it that alcohol of all types would also be prohibited at the upcoming Dangote/Abubakar wedding too.

The wedding which is scheduled for a few weeks has already received a lot of publicity and online attention with trending hashtags like #fatjam2018 #jamfat2018 #abudan2018 #dafa2018 #jafa2018 .


Revered King’s Church members spend 13full pages on Thisday news paper to celebrate his birthday

Members of Christian Praying Assembly (CPA) have reportedly spent 13 full pages yesterday to celebrate the birthday of their renowned preacher, Chukwuemeka Ezeugo, also known as Revered King.

Revered King's Church members

Revered King's Church members


Revered King's Church members

Revered King's Church members

Revered King's Church members

Revered King's Church members

Revered King's Church members

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BBNaija 2018: Missing condoms in the big brother house cause uproar

BBNaija 2018

It has been disclosed that the number of condoms in the big brother house had reduced and no one accepted to have used them.Big brother 2018 housemate, Miracle has revealed why there are missing condoms in the house.

According to Miracle, he noticed the reduction in the number of condoms even before he had s*x with Nina.

Miracle, speaking to Tobi said condoms were missing because some housemates were having s*x in the shower

Further explaining his point, he accused housemates, Bambam, Teddy A, Lolu and Anto for using the condoms in the bathroom because there are no cameras in the toilet.

He said, “You no dey...

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