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Man forced To write “I Wont Cheat No More” 224 Times As Punishment For Unfaithfulness

I Wont Cheat No More
I Wont Cheat No More

An agrieved young lady forces her man to write ‘I wont cheat no more’, 224 times on sheets of paper. According to her, she made her unfaithful boyfriend write ‘I Won’t Cheat No More’ 224 times, and he’s got 4 more sheets to go.
Here’s what she wrote;
Punish his ass,4more sheets to go.Front and back i wont cheat no more.He mad asl tho

I Wont Cheat No More

In another post she wrote;
It ain’t about how he Misspelled A Word. He Obviously Care If He Sat There And Wrote What I Told Him To.He Didn’t Mind Letting Everyone Know He “Fucked Up” Either.This Was Just For Fun And Laughs I Didn’t Expect It To Go Up.I Bet Half Y’all Ass Don’t Even Have A Man And If You Do, Ya Mans Prolly Cheated Multiple Times And Ya’ll Let Him Right Back In!.We Young BITCH.He “Want” Me And I “Won’t” Let Y’all Bothered Ass Stop Me From Wanting MY MANNN. Ha!!!

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‘I’m ready to commit suicide if Nigeria loses hope’ – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said he is ready to commit suicide should Nigeria lose hope as it’s part of the reasons why he can’t remain silent when he sees things go wrong in the country.

Obasanjo says because he is an incurable optimist in the Nigerian project, and would continue to talk and point out things going wrong due to his conviction that Nigeria has great hope.

During his two day working visit to Bayelsa, at the Ijaw National Academy (INA)Kaiama, Obasanjo said in spite of the economic and political challenges confronting the country, there is great hope for Nigeria.Though admitting that there are things that could have been done differently but he is of the opinion that Nigerians should not give up hope as that would spell doom for the country.

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Lady Drugs Driver,Steals His Tricycle

A Nigerian lady has disappeared after drugging a rider and robbing rider of his tricycle at Mowe in Ofada Mokolokin Local Council Development Area of Ogun State.
The yet to be identified lady was said to have drugged the tricycle rider, identified simply as Amos by lacing his yoghurt and pepper soup with sleeping pills.

The incident occurred on Friday on Owode-Ofada Road, after the lady approached Amos at their park, close to Mowe bus stop asking him to take her to a house agent office in the area.The lady who promised to pay Amos N4,000 for his services later instructed him to take her to where she could get a house agent in the community.

Amos was said to have taken the lady to Orunkole, Shimolowo and Arigbabuwo communities to see some agents and...

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Di’ja Reacts To Barrister Who Described ‘Hausa language’ As ‘Rubbish’

Di'ja Reacts

Mavin records act, Di'ja yesterday afternoon replied a twitter user who described the 'Hausa' language as 'Rubbish'.
The Barrister,had come after her in an offensive twitter post, referring to Hausa language as rubbish and Di'ja who couldn't tolerate it wrote, 'Hausa is not a rubbish language, Its my mother tongue. Let us try to respect our differences'.

Di'ja Reacts

In another post on Instagram to butress her point, the mother of one wrote, 'I can understand the anger in the country. I can understand the disappointment most are feeling. I can understand the pain WE ALL feel when you just want things to work, but I cannot understand tribalism and insults...

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