Lord’s Chosen Pastor disarms two armed robbers in Rivers State

A Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement Pastor has narrated how he forcefully collected two guns from armed robbers that came to rob at his compound on the 21st, February 2018 in Rivers state with his bare hands.

According to a statement issued by the church, Pastor Stanley B. Kagbara of Okogbe branch of Mbiama Autonomous Rivers State, after declaring himself a Chosen three consecutive times and calling on God, power came over him and he overpowered the armed robbers and collected their their guns when they attempted shooting at him.

The statement further claimed that God made public show of the armed robbers, their guns refused to answer them. He pounced at them and arrested one of them, handed him over to Ahoada divisional Police headquarters after the rest of the armed robbers had ran away.

The area commander commended him for the brave act and said he has never seen such act in Ahoada East and West of Rivers State, and that it was indeed the hand of God in action. He thanked the God of Chosen immensely for what He has done.

The pictures were taken at the Police station where the arm robber was detained.

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Angry Nigerian Dad follows daughter to School to challenge teacher for failing her

A Twitter user identified as Fatoki Taiye Timmy, has taken to the social networking platform to narrate a recent incident while commenting on a tweet.

Fatoki who revealed how he followed his daughter to school in a bid to challenge the teacher who marked her wrongly, was reacting to a Nigerian daddy who called for Nigerian publishers to stop informing children through text books that the place of a woman is to take care of a home while the father goes to work.

Here's how the revelation was made on Twitter;



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