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Late Ebony Reigns never acted like a Christian – Actor Majid Michael speaks after her demise

The media was filled with news about the death of popular Ghanaian singer Ebony Reigns last week. And a lot of people felt sad for her and paid tribute. Ghanaian-Lebanese actor Majid Michel also remembers her but said the late singer never acted like a christian.

Ebony Reigns died in an accident alongside her close friend, Franky and to other soldier men who acted as their bodyguards.

Reports has it that, according to the actor, the singer lived a reckless life that did not portray that of a Christian and he believes she cannot be judged but only God knows her heart.

He maintains that Ebony reigns was a drug addict which made her do some stuffs that a Christian would consider is out of the Christendom which has given room for the actor to query her Christian life.

“People: but she doesn’t act like a Christian. God: Am not looking for actors. Rest in peace, only Jesus knew your heart.” He wrote

Actor Majid Michael

Majid Michel is a Ghanaian actor and he was considered as one of the best actors in both Ghollywood and Nollywood. He received so many awards in his prime and became o popular across the continent for his good looks and versatility as an actor.

He however shook the world some few years back when he announced that he was dedicating his life to the work of God.

Majid Michael was thereafter seen in many church gatherings ministering to the people and sometime trying to perform healing and deliverance on the congregants.

Not so much have been heard of him in recent times. Probably he felt he could use the opportunity of the trending news about the singer’s death to remind his fans of his presence.

Remember. so many Ghanaian blamed the death of Ebony Reigns on prophets in the country who almost chose only her to deliver their messages from God.

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