Only God could have done this! She stopped smiling after the surgery…

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I never knew that a surgery could result in lost of smiles from one’s face..

In 2013, my friend underwent  intestinal operation  because of some malfunctioning in the system . This resulted in  smiles being removed from her  face.
The smile glands was tampered with.
Since then,  she could not smile.
She could not even try to force herself to smile.
She went to the house  of God one day late last year , 2017,  heard the Word of God from the Man of God and also claimed the prophecy that came that day.
What a service  !
What an encounter with the  Lord!
This was in 2017!
My friend in her testimony,  said she felt something left her stomach  and she felt the urge to smile.
She found herself  smiling.
What she could not do about 4 years down the lane.
The undeniable power of God corrected all anomalies in her systems and organs.
Only God could have done this indeed.
The God of the church of  Christ !
The God of the believers in the Lord Jesus Who alone can do all things !
Her ability to smile was restored .
The always -stoned -face brought about by the  after effect of a surgery  was Divinely  operated upon because of God’s love and His desire to manifest His glory and power.
Nothing is impossible for  our God to do.
No issue is beyond His command.
HE says a thing and it’s done.
The Almighty is His name
My friend  now smiles under any little excitement.
Message of the day from Reinhard Bonnke

Tireni Adebayo

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