Event planner, Mosun, receives brand new car as ‘thankyou’ gift from client

Event planner, Mosun

Being a professional in the Nigerian events industry requires event personnel staying up-to-date on the latest events innovations, technologies and being in tune with latest event trends and one of such event industry professionals who have evidently carved a niche for themselves is Mosun Akinwamide of IPC events.

The 31 year old who has planned several luxurious wedding recently received a brand new car as a thankyou from a client.

She shared her testimony thus:

So I usually Won’t do this But! ?? #imaveryPrivateperson With the Permission of My Clients, I’ll just put this here without Mentioning their Names as they Requested.
So, a few weeks ago, One of our Previous client had reached out to me saying “God told them to bless me with a THANK YOU GIFT, but wasn’t sure what it would be, but they decided to both place a call to me to ask what I needed, Lol
I thought they were joking, so I Jokingly said “Recharge card ” we all just laughed and gisted off the phone that day, The Next thing I Know, THIS Happened! I’m so in SHOCK right now, I can’t even Breathe! Kai God has been kind to me…..A Car as a “Thank you Gift to your Planner??? Words are not enough Mehn!
Hopefully this encourages someone out there to keep doing what they do regardless of how Hard it gets, your Reward is in your Work! Keep at It! Keep your head up! #PostWafbecTestimony I’m still trying to wake up from this Dream! Look at God! Amazing Father!

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