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Di’ja Reacts To Barrister Who Described ‘Hausa language’ As ‘Rubbish’

Di'ja Reacts

Mavin records act, Di’ja yesterday afternoon replied a twitter user who described the ‘Hausa’ language as ‘Rubbish’.
The Barrister,had come after her in an offensive twitter post, referring to Hausa language as rubbish and Di’ja who couldn’t tolerate it wrote, ‘Hausa is not a rubbish language, Its my mother tongue. Let us try to respect our differences’.

Di'ja Reacts

In another post on Instagram to butress her point, the mother of one wrote, ‘I can understand the anger in the country. I can understand the disappointment most are feeling. I can understand the pain WE ALL feel when you just want things to work, but I cannot understand tribalism and insults in regards to personal life, personal religion and personal choice. Most of us are born into what we now know. THIS ISN’T EVEN AN INSULT compared to the ones I get on the daily based on being Hausa, (you don’t want to see my DMs) but it serves a purpose for today. I did not destroy our country. WE ALL DID BY ALLOWING IGNORANCE TO PREVAIL. Tomorrow we will insult someone for being Yoruba; the next day on being Igbo; another day on being Idoma and so on. Keep in mind HORRIBLE/BAD POLITICIANS FEED AND THRIVE OFF A DIVIDED PEOPLE. We cannot expect the government to fix problems when we can’t fix US! You want change?!’

‘Then it is time you begin to change your mindset. SURPRISE YOURSELVES and come together regardless of your differences. It is the only technique we haven’t tried yet. It is only then can we be the change we are looking for! This is why MUSIC is my life because it surpasses all these man made divisions. Don’t be part of the system. Live above it and watch Nigeria become NIGERIA. I will forever be proud of who I am, where I am from and what I am on my way to become and YOU SHOULD TOO’.

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Nigerian Lady gets jaw-dropping response from guy using her picture to dupe unsuspecting victims

unsuspecting victims
Adedeji Iwolowa

unsuspecting victims

Nigerian lady,Yetunde Bakare has called out a guy, Adedeji Iwolowa for using her picture on the displayed profile to defraud unsuspecting victims on social media.Apparently he was asked to take down his profile photo by the real owner of the photo however, he responded saying he actually would, but he wants to use it in scamming someone first.

Disgusted by this, the lady took to her IG page to call out the said guy, sharing screenshots of the chats she had with him and his photos…

unsuspecting victims

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Man divides baby into half using a saw

[caption id="attachment_54910" align="aligncenter" width="300"] man divides baby into half[/caption]
In a seemingly realistic video, A Man identified as Justin Flom, seems to have done the impossible by dividing his daughter into two different parts.
Magician, Justin Flom’s latest trick was shared on The Magic Show Facebook page and it has horrified viewers with a lot of parents reacting to the image with absolute negative reviews

The video clip, which has a huge 143 million views, captures how the Las Vegas based magician approaches his sleeping daughter Haven – who is napping on pink towel laid on top of a table

Taking two Dr Seuss books, Justin appears to slice straight through the sleeping tot’s stomach – and then pulls the two books apart, moving her legs away from her body.
[caption id="attachment_54911" align="aligncenter" width="300"]

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Pilot forced to make emergency landing after passenger refused to stop farting

A fight broke out on a plane and subsequently forced the pilot to make an emergency landing as a result of a man's refusal to stop farting.

Despite Repeated requests from two Dutchmen who were sitting next to the flatulent man asking him to stop, and a complaint to Transavia Airlines crew and also a direct order from the pilot,the flatulent man just couldn't holding back his fart.

It was gathered that the Pilot reported “passengers on the rampage” before footage emerged of passengers being removed in a post on social media by Alfred Dekker. Officers boarded the plane with police dogs, and four suspects were escorted off the plane

A Police Spokesman who spoke to MirrorUK, said the incident was sparked by a passenger suffering from wind who was not attempting to restrain himself; his offended two young...

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