The many wonders you can now perform with your meals

We all love an amazing meal whether at home,work or even at school….however we are quick to give excuses such as ‘Insufficient time’…-err…who isn’t busy? or worst still the regular ‘oh i’m on a diet’ …

Assembling a healthy meal in front of you doesn’t necessarily have to be boring, bland or difficult,just go with the flow! No sweat!

A combination of what you eat or how you eat it brings about many great benefits.

Great intending mothers know that the best way to get your kids and spouse to eat healthy, is to be as creative as possible,even in the presentation of the meal

Creativity in your kitchen entails everything being your canvass,right from your ingredients, right to your favorite plate! as what you eat is a reflection of what you are. So like a painter ,your canvas or drawing book can be anything including your plate!

Here are some of the tips I can help with ;:-)

1.Spice things up, dont be Steriotyped: Your meals don’t have to look a certain way,therefore, forget the one particular way you know & expect your food to appear and have fun all the way!

2.Give limitless time for your creation; We don’t always have to be in a hurry now,do we?How about making two meals in a week just to unwind and put all your love into the fun you’re having while preparing them without being time conscious .

3.Dont use a recipe. Using a recipe is good but in being creative and unique at the same time, we realise that using a recipe would only hold us back, so let go of the rules. Let go of all the rules.

However, don’t forget to add some health herbs and traditional spices such as tumeric, curry, bay leaves, black pepper, etc

4.Add more colour. Colour is an easy way to spark up the creativity all around us, producing a better story on how you made it, making the meal more enticing, sending great signals from the brain to the mouth.

Need some reds? Try tomatoes, strawberries,raspberries.water melon Orange;mangoes,carrots. Yellow;Lemon,pineapples,corn.White;banana,garden eggs or onions. Purple; Dates,raisins or egg andGreen; garden eggs, vegetables

5.Same old, same old; Change things up and have variety in your diet instead of repetition.

This could relieve stress, put you in a better mood and impact your inner function plus mental health all together.

Variety in shapes and texture is essential.Try adding something crunchy to your plate.

6.The less processed,the better; Fresh foods &fruits,instead of processed sugar, while seeds&nuts make wonderful garnishes for salads, oat meal and yoghurt.

Remember, a regular diet of healthy foods help your health positively, however, a creative outlook on life enhances your health that much more.

Because at the end of the day, you deserve the very best!

Below are some more sample creativity in food designs. Do get back to us on the comment section and let’s know what you think!

Rhema Olonade

Rhema Olonade is an Entertainment writer on Kemi Filani News. She has BSC in Mass communication from Redeemers University, Lagos, Nigeria. She is passionate about news writing and broadcasting. Hobbies are watching movies, and public speaking.Tel: +2347161000090 Address: Ketu-Alapere, Lagos, NigeriaEmail: [email protected]

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