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Breaking News;Mysterious fish swallows N52m SEEDC Fund in Abia State

The 52 million naira which was meant for the South East Entrepreneurship Development Centre(SEEDC) contract job and renovation of Women Development Centre has been swallowed by a mysterious fish.

Igbere Tv gathered that the contract was given to Phrenemos Int Ltd and was supervised by the current Abia State SSG, Dr. Eme Okoro who is very close to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

It was reported that before now there had been news of the SSG mismanagement of financial transactions & requests for kickbacks from contractors but this shocking revelation was the last straw which broke the camel’s back as a mysterious fish has been alleged to have swallowed the whole obey meant for the job.

Upon investigations, it was gathered that the SSG who was instructed by Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu to oversee the job told the MD of Phrenemos Int Ltd to open a UBA account with one Glory Emucha in the pretence that UBA is the bank Abia State government is dealing with, not knowing the reason is for access into his account.

Weeks later, the MD of Phrenemos Intl Ltd, Engr Emma Uche Adimoha approached UBA to know the status of his account in respect of the contract payment and discovered the unbelievable.

Adimoha was told that a mysterious fish has swallowed the whole money.

He discovered that N2m was paid in to the account but was swallowed by the fish without his knowledge, meanwhile jealous had started using his personal funds in facilitating the project.

He also discovered that a financial project report was sentvtl the governor detailing that over N15million that was released has been used for the project.

This simply means that the government actually released N15million for the project but N2m was deposited into Phrenemos Int Ltd’s account which was withdrawn without his concentrate and the remaining diverted.

The DSS already made some arrests in connection to the fraudulent activities and Gov Okezie’s government is already gathering bad image based on fraud issues.

It may be recalled that within the country N36m was reportedly swallowed by a snake in JAMB office and a monkey also allegedly swallowed public funds only few weeks ago.

Kemifilaniblog promises to bring you additional updates regarding the story

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