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BBNaija 2018: Missing condoms in the big brother house cause uproar

BBNaija 2018

It has been disclosed that the number of condoms in the big brother house had reduced and no one accepted to have used them.Big brother 2018 housemate, Miracle has revealed why there are missing condoms in the house.

According to Miracle, he noticed the reduction in the number of condoms even before he had s*x with Nina.

Miracle, speaking to Tobi said condoms were missing because some housemates were having s*x in the shower

Further explaining his point, he accused housemates, Bambam, Teddy A, Lolu and Anto for using the condoms in the bathroom because there are no cameras in the toilet.

He said, “You no dey see things for this house pass me, Anto & Lolu, BamBam & Teddy don knack since.

”Na why condom dey miss for this house.”

BBNaija 2018
BBNaija 2018

However, some viewers are saying Miracle is lying and trying to cover up his promiscuous ways since he has had sex just three weeks into the reality show.

Others are, however, in agreement that all housemates at one time has had sex, noting that the camera does not reveal everything happening in the house.

Here are some comments:

@teddyfanpage “Miracle don’t justify your acts by bringing Loto and Bamteddy into it… Smash your smash.. No one is condemning you! Like I said “Na who dem catch be thief” We’re way past “hearsays

@tweetoracle “So #BamTeddy and #Loto have actually had sex in the toilet cos there are no cameras.. Hmmmn!

@osagie “miracle is trying to look for people to drag down with him.. Saying LOTO, Leolex and BamTeddy have had sex already… Miracle is a snake… He is looking for Alliance by gossiping with Tobi

@ladygol “He might be right tho All the condoms that have been disappearing in that house Na spirit they use am?

@katrina “So because camera doesn’t show everything. You think it doesn’t happen? The condoms have been vanishing, maybe they use them for decorations in the party room..

@slimlady”Miracle just be spitting lies. So you expect us all to believe that Anto came to tell you that she has had sex with Lolu? As if that was not enough you had to drag Bamteddy into it too. SMH

@esther24k “Don’t stress yourself…. evidence will appear soon if it is true. I trust Tobi to watch out for those HMs and rat them out. Miracle is smart. He tells Tobi, knowing that, just like he shouted last nite, Tobi will confirm this gist to the viewers soon.

@Femiararomi “There are cameras but biggy would never show housemates having sex like that!! It is too opening, they might just ban the show for promoting immorality! They have sex codedly for those who know knows.

@onehicon “The camera does not show everything, and you do not watch BBN every sec.. Mina/Mito fans looking @ BamTeddy fans right now

@forever2 “Bamteddy having their clothes on doesnt mean they didnt have sex… dey re under the duvet, are u seeing down there? No… If its like that, Nina and Miracle didnt have sex. Period!

@joyroy ” so not even 1 min video to prove BamTeddy had sex? Just assumptions? Mina fans we saw video, please show us proof and stop this propaganda

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