Amazing transformation: New photos of the mad man rescued by his classmates in 2017

It was all over the news sometime in 2017 that a mad man that was rescued by his classmates after he went insane as a result of drugs addiction. Now new photos of the man have emerged and he seems to be living so well.

According to reports, the man, identified as Patrick Hinga Wanjiru was introduced to Kenyans and other African countries for the first time as a destitute man in the streets of Wangige Town surviving on morsels of decayed food and coins tossed from a distance by well-wishers.

mad man rescued by his classmates
mad man rescued by his classmates

This was until Ms Wanja Mwaura, a former classmate, who recognized him took him out of the streets and got him help at a local rehabilitation centre.

Hinga’s photos went viral after they were shared on Facebook and he got the attention of the media both locally and internationally. He had by then undergone two weeks of detoxification from drugs went viral on social media when it was shared on a group.

The kindness of Wanja warmed the hearts of many Kenyans, particularly when Kenya was holding its repeat presidential elections in October. Kenyans were moved by the story of Hinga’s transformation and rallied to raise money to support him in his journey to recovery.

Today, he is a changed man.

mad man rescued by his classmates
mad man rescued by his classmates

According to new reports, Hinga spent the last three months undergoing counseling and rehabilitation at“The Retreat” rehab.

Clean shaven, dressed in stylish maroon khaki pants, a matching shirt and trendy sneakers, Hinga who stands almost at six feet is ready to speak to the media for the first time since he was rescued from the streets.

Although his speech has been slurred by drugs and medication, Hinga speaks eloquently, shifting between English, Swahili and Kikuyu.

Hinga was  Born on September 15, 1983, he attended Ndararua Primary School in Kabete and sat his KCPE exams in 1998 where he scored 447 marks out of 700. He was admitted to Uthiru High School, then a provincial school, in 1999.

Hinga’s dalliance with drugs started when he was in standard eight after friends introduced him to the lifestyle.

“It all began with cigarettes,” he says. “Before we knew it, we were smoking Bhang. I gave in to drugs because of peer pressure. What pained me the most was that my siblings were at home with my mother, safe and sound, yet I was in the streets and that was really depressing for me,” he says.

It was outside that small hotel that Wanja met Hinga and recognised him.

Hinga indicated interest to be rehabilitated and he was then taken off the streets .

When he checked into rehab three months ago, the fee was waived and the money raised went towards opening a business for Hinga, “Hinga’s Store.”

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