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49 Year Old Mom Uses Her Dead Son’s Sperm To Get Twins

49 Year Old Mom

In the city of Pune, Maharashtra State, Western India,a 49Year old grieving mum uses her late son’s sperm to get twins.
Rajashree Patil, was informed by doctors that she was unfit for IVF treatment using a sample taken from her late son Prathamesh after she disclosed her dream of re-incarnating her child.
Daily Mail reports that she had wanted to conceive the children herself by being the surrogate mother but doctors said she was medically unfit as she had already begun her menopause.Instead, his semen was used to fertilise an egg which was given by an anonymous donor, who was not related to the family, before being implanted into a close relative.The surrogate, 35, has now given birth to twins and Rajashree says she will raise the little boy and girl, who are technically her grandchildren, as though they are her own.She called the boy Prathamesh while she named the little girl after her daughter Prisha, who will help her raise the babies.

Rajashree, who works as a teacher, said: “I was carrying the soul of my son in me and was looking for a body to breathe it into. Doctors had preserved my son’s semen before they commenced cancer treatment to preempt any negative effects of the medicine used on him. Due to this I have been able to get my son back.”Though faced with a lot of criticism from her in-laws over her decision,she has been supported by her daughter Prisha throughout the ordeal

Prathamesh was studying engineering in Germany when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. While Prathamesh went through gruelling cancer treatment, doctors in Germany collected his sperm and put it in storage. Before his death, because he was unmarried, he nominated his mother and sister to use his semen sample after his death.

He completed his master’s degree before returning to India for an operation in May 2013. For a while, he appeared to be doing well but in February 2016 the cancer returned and by September 2016 he passed away.Months later, his mother got the idea to preserve his bloodline by having his kids.

Rajashree said: “Getting the semen into our custody was not easy and we faced a lot of hurdles. Money and time were serious issues but now I will take the responsibility of these infants. I am their mother now.”
The twins were born on Monday and since then Rajashree has been quick to correct any visitors who have referred to her as their grandmother. She tells them to call her their mother.

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Meet Joshua Sopeju, the man with cerebral palsy who graduated in Computer Science

Despite all odds, Joshua Sopeju, man living with cerebral palsy – a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination and caused by damage to the brain – for 30 years, was among 14,771 graduates of the National Open University Nigeria, Abuja awarded degrees in various disciplines during the last convocation ceremony of the institution.

Joshua Sopeju who studied Computer Science and stood out among other graduating students, left his family members in celebration and joyful mood as they recounted all they’ve faced over Joshua’s cerebral palsy before his graduation.

Joshua’s elder sister, Mrs. Mojola Sopeju-Mufutau, who took to the social media to share her excitement further revealed that his condition was due to poor medical handling. She wrote;

Meet Joshua Sopeju


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”stop insulting celebrities with your data” – Omotola


Omotola: ''stop insulting celebrities with your data''


Veteran Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, has lashed out on Nigeria youths for wasting their preciousntime on irrelevant things. In a video seen on Instagram, the actress is seen talking profusely and questioning why the youths are bothered about comments made by leader of the free the sheeple movement, Daddy Freeze, concerning tithes collected by churches. She also took a black rights advocate stance when she spoke of how black youths of nowadays waste their time on fashion made by people of other race. Transcript of her quote below.

''Stop getting angry with the Freezes of this world. They are not your problem; they are trying to help you. He might be wrong (what he's saying), you might not agree with what he's saying. But you must agree with the spirit with which he's saying it. You need to wake up. You need...

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Actress Victoria Inyama in messy divorce scandal

Victoria Inyama wants divorce, calls her husband a psychotic beast

victoria inyama


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“What’s on my mind hmmmmmmmm. Happy to be alive. Healthy……. getting better…brighter….standing up for myself……regardless of d demon in human form that I have to deal with…………… legion lawyer……….. If not for God……..psychotic beast with his Never ending drama……. he wouldn’t even grant her a divorce………… and d poor bitch living with him……..May God give her sense……….. she’s so dumb �……………….miserable pair…..”

After one of her friends, Mandy Okosi, commented on the Facebook post, the actress went...

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