A True Love Story! How a Bowen university assignment did the magic – Ayo and Ife

Whoop, #DIFE2018 is about to go down and we are more than glad!

Ayo and Ife started out as course mates at Bowen University Iwo, an assignment brought them together and it led to a stunning transformation, from Course mates to Soulmates.

Ayo met his heartthrob at a Physic’s Lecture 100 level of Bowen University, he was shy and couldn’t bring himself to ask her out, it was his best friend Efe who happened to be the friend of his wife to be that helped him out using Ifeoluwah’s uncomfortable situation to his Advantage.

Efe Introduced the Couple to each other and left them to sort whatever they needed from Each other.


Read their Love Story Below;

Ayo (The groom): It was physics lecture 100 level Bowen University Iwo. A mutual friend introduced us to each other.

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Bride: Efe I missed the last phy110 class, how do I get the notes

Efe: I have a friend(groom), he’s a ‘brainy’ he’ll have taken notes in the class.

A few hours later
Efe: Ife (bride) This is Ayo (groom) my friend I told you about.

Bride: Hi Ayo, please can I borrow your phy 110 note, Efe said you took notes

Groom: Here it is. have it


Bride: Flips through the note (* what kind of horrible handwriting is this*), Efe I can’t use this note I can’t see his writing,

Efe: ehn give it back to him na…….to be continued
Honestly can’t remember what happened afterwards, we just became inseparable from that moment on wards. Sometimes a bad handwriting could be very attractive

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Days passed, weeks passed, he (groom) became my go to person for clarifications before tests and exams.

We became study partners from 100l and became inseparable best friends.

We did everything together (including sitting together during tests and exams…lol).

He always said, ‘I would marry you someday’, and I always replied ‘naaaaa’.

Fast forward to graduation, NYSC (same camp **eyes rolling**) and real life after all of that, he proposed in the most unromantic way – inside his car outside my house.


In 48 days, we are going to be married and he would look at me and say ‘I told you so!’ I’m getting married to my favorite person and I’m super excited!

Kemi Filani weddings wishes the lovebirds a happy married life!



  1. Unbreakable me

    January 4, 2018 at 11:45 am

    Love is a beautiful thing.

  2. Sweetheart

    January 4, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Sometimes a bad handwriting could be very attractive..haahahaha..this got me. Congratulations to them!

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