Suspected child rapist and killer Ifeanyi Dike slumps in court

Ifeanyi Dike, 23, suspected of killing 8-year-old Chikamso Favour, in August 2017, after raping her and harvesting her genitals, reportedly slumped after he was arraigned today before a Rivers High Court Judge, Adolphus Enebeli.
It was gathered that the UNIPORT undergraduate, gave a loud shout and refused to take his plea after his case was brought up before Judge Enebeli, following his arraignment alongside accessories after the fact which include; Ogochukwu Nnamiro (second accused person) and Johnbosco Okoroeze, a police officer (third accused person).
Ifeanyi Dike reportedly slumped after the Judge declined accepting his counsel, Lizinna Ameegua’s plea for a mental examination to be carried out on him to ascertain his mental status.
The court entered a plea of not guilty for him, while the second and third accused persons pleaded not guilty. The matter was adjourned to January 16, 26 and 29, 2018 for definite hearing.
Recall that Ifeanyi Dike who escaped from a Police Station in Rivers State where he was being held, was re-arrested in Jos, Plateau State.
Saying he was sorry for his actions, the suspect disclosed that he stayed several days in his hideout without food and had to come out when he could no longer withstand the hunger.
He said the injuries he sustained before he was arrested in Port Harcourt in August made it difficult for him to move easily to search for food.
“When I got to Jos, due to my injuries, I was not able to go out and get better food to eat. I stayed for several days without food.
“When I decided to go out and get some food, I was caught. They (policemen) were interrogating me; and because I was fed up, I gave them my aunt’s phone number.
“When the policeman that was interrogating me called my aunt, my aunt told him that they had declared me wanted. My aunt went further to call the police; when she called the police, she handed my IPO’s number to him (the police).
“It was then the police now called my IPO to confirm if I was the person. When they now confirmed that I was the person, I was detained and then brought back (to Port Harcourt) on Sunday. So, today, I was brought here,” the suspect narrated.
Child rapist and killer Ifeanyi Dike
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