Man writes emotional letter to his wife who died during childbirth (photos)

Man writes emotional letter to his wife who died during childbirth.

This broke my heart. So much love between this couple but life happened. RIP.

“Mesh I’m ready for u to wake me up and tell me I’m dreaming. This can’t be real, I can’t wrap my head around how u lose your life bringing another life into this world. You were sooo excited about having our child. .

All I can see is the look of fear on your face and I couldn’t do nothing about it. I haven’t cried this hard since my mom passed. This is so heart breaking. It’s so sad because I can’t even enjoy our son’s life

Damn I’m going to miss u calling right after I get off work or making sure I kissed you whenever I enter or left the house. .

Your are truly the definition of an independent woman. My heart really hurts right now and feels so empty. Damn man?Please tell my mom [in heaven] I love and miss her and what I became in life

For those that know me, u know what I’ve been through in life and this by far is the toughest. Please pray for my strength. I love u mesh aka dirt dirt


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